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The Araluen Ranger 91 #444691

This is, like I said, a classic Ranger build, but you don't need all the perks on the perk list, or those perks exclusively. I would also recommend Illusion perks.
Here is the gear, and after that the backstory:

Weapons: Ebony Dagger or Blade of Woe(or both), Ebony Bow
Apparel: Guild Master Armor, Nightingale Armor, or any light armor you think would go best with a ranger.
Jewelry: Amulet of Articulation(You get it when you get the Thieves Guild Master Armor), Bone Hawk Ring(Found In Castle Volkihar, in the Dawnguard DLC) Now, the backstory:

You're name is Halt.You are a ranger who serves whoever you wish. You have a dry sense of humor, so pick the most sarcastic dialogue options available. You hail from a land known as Araluen, a place very far away. You were sent to Skyrim because Skyrim is allied with your own country, and you worked for the king. You were checking out the Stormcloak's activity, and helping in anyway you can to shut those terrorists down. You believe they have a reason to fight, but because of the information being declined to the public, they are unaware that the truce made with the Altmer, the White Gold Concordant, is only chance of being able to protect their families and their homes; their lives. You rely on stealth and archery to overcome obstacles, and only kill when required. You have no qualms about killing, but you prefer to avoid unwanted evidence. You are a wood elf, as it grants you extra skill with a bow. You can be any race you want, that's just what I chose to do. You have grey hair,(cus' yer a seasoned feller)black eyes and the rest is up to you. If you guys enjoy playing this build make sure you favorite it and keep on the lookout for more of my builds. Comment what I should do next, and if you have anything you tjink I should change let me know and I'll consider it.

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