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Build Template 25 #445331

The Introduction should be a basic summary of the build. How it works, what it does, and why it stands out from the billions of other builds on this site. Maybe add a little about what influenced you to create the build. Typically, the introduction should be short because it isn't the reason people come to see the build. They're here for, well, the build.

Basic Information:
Here, you'll want to detail basics such as Race, Attributes (typically written M/H/S), Skills, and Standing Stone. It's preferable to make sure that the perks don't boost the build past level 60, as anything higher is a major turn-off for many people.

Usually, you'll want to use a list such like this:
Race: Redguard or Nord
Attributes: 0/1/1
Major Skills: Archery, Heavy Armor
Minor Skills: Block, Smithing
Standing Stone: Warrior => Lord or Lady

Of course, you'll want to detail what the build will look like. Maybe provide some screenshots if you're feeling up to it. If they are enchantments to look out for, make a note of them here. Be sure to tell the reader where to obtain the gear if necessary.

I like to do something like this:
Head: Steel Helmet (no horns)
Body: Steel Armor (with pauldrons)
Hands: Cuffed Steel Gloves
Feet: Nordic Steel Boots
Ring: Any Ring (Fortify Archery or Fortify Stamina)
Amulet: Kyne's Token (Kyne's Sacred Trials)
Weapon: Hunting Bow

Do the same thing with Spells and Shouts. Separate them into sections if necessary.

Advanced Gameplay:
This is where you make sure to detail skill and spell combinations and other advanced tactics. For example, if you use any exploits such as the Advanced Atronach Stone, be sure to explain them in full.

If you use more than one paragraph, make sure to double space between paragraphs. This will prevent the build from looking like a giant block of text. Walls of text are never fun to read.

Roleplay: (Optional)
Not every build will have roleplay, but it's always a welcome addition. Don't go overboard on the backstory, but do detail a little bit about how the character came to Skyrim.

Factions: (Optional)
This section details the factions your character is aligned with. I usually use a list format with a short description of why the character chooses to join them.

This section is mainly used for roleplaying purposes. If you have any Unique Items or Artifacts, make sure people know where to obtain them. Either list the related quest here or in the Equipment section.

And just like that, you have a very basic build that covers all of your bases and doesn't look like a giant wall of text that turns people off. At this point, you write down any closing thoughts. I like to include a change log so that people know how and when the build has been updated. This should really be short and to the point. Also, make sure you use a spell checker. I highly recommend Grammarly, though it defaults to United Kingdom English and not American English. You'll notice that this format makes the information very spread out and much easier to process.

Happy building!

P.S. This is actually a build I play in Skyrim SE, so if you want, have at it.

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