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This was really helpful. Thanks!

By icemaster310 on May 4, 2018
#7102 Reply
No problem! I highly recommend checking out LifeSmith's template for some more advanced tips and tricks!

By wuyixiang on May 4, 2018
#7103 Reply
I'll check him out. Thanks again!

By icemaster310 on May 7, 2018
#7110 Reply
o7 Just glad to help.

By wuyixiang on May 7, 2018
#7111 Reply
I'd be interested what you think of my build structure. I use a template I created by myself and do not always need all parts. Good examples:

Let me know what you think.

By Zlorfik on Jan 15, 2018
#6847 Reply
Well, it has all of the relevant information in a clearly organized manner, so I see no problem with the layout. Really, this guide was meant as a springboard for new builders, so if there's a template that you feel more comfortable with, the by all means, use it. There really is no right way, just a million wrong ways.

By wuyixiang on Jan 15, 2018
#6848 Reply
The only place where I would disagree with you on is not having a long backstory. In my humble opinion, the backstory is what makes a build interesting. A strong and well thought out backstory will allow the reader to delve into the mind of the character and be able to fully drive out his or hers personality thusly so allowing the player to act and say what the character would.

I mean most of my backstories are a life story of the character so maybe I do tend to put a bit too much, but it's better than putting too little emoticon

By Scrappy-Metal on Jun 9, 2017
#6409 Reply
I gotta throw my two cents in on this. I think long back stories are build killers, and by that I mean they actually make builds a lot less interesting and this worse overall.

Hear me out on this. You don't need a long drawn out backstory to get into the characters mind or figure out their motivation. Build authors seem to be fixated on establishing their characters motives as far back as their early child hood and it's entirely needless.

Think more subtly. Anythjng and everything about the character can speak volumes about who they are as a person. Things like: how they fight, what factions they side with and why, how they dress and how they interact with others can tell you so much more than you trying to establish an oddly specific life goal for your character at the tender age of 5.

About 99% of the time authors go too far and devote all their attention to backstory. The result is something that more closely resembles a Roleplay profile rather than a build.

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 10, 2017
#6414 Reply
I fall into this trap way too often, unfortunately.

By wuyixiang on Jun 10, 2017
#6416 Reply
I agree that a well-written backstory is a plus for any build, but I believe that having too little is better than too much. Too much backstory, and I get distracted and move on to a different build. As they say, "Less is more."

By wuyixiang on Jun 9, 2017
#6410 Reply
Nicely done I'd say.

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 3, 2017
#6383 Reply
Thanks, Curse! It means a lot, coming from you. Loved seeing your builds back in the Vault, and I definitely still love them here. ^.^

By wuyixiang on Jun 3, 2017
#6387 Reply
They're all deleted on the vault save for any of my collabs posted by my partners rather than myself. I post them here to gain more exposure and to make people aware of my site.

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 4, 2017
#6391 Reply
Right! That's going well, I presume?

By wuyixiang on Jun 4, 2017
#6393 Reply
Quite well

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 10, 2017
#6415 Reply
This seems unnecessary...people who care enough are already doing this and people who don't aren't going to. You, for example, only follow this format in one out of your five builds and you're the one providing the template.

Also... I see you criticising other people a lot, how about we try to be more constructive about it? Advice is one thing...but you are kind of harsh to a lot of people with really cool builds that show great potential if someone just helped them instead of discouraging them. Maybe if you were such an absolute expert that your advice was worth the abuse like you're House or something...but your one decent build is just a copy of one of Curse Never Dyings builds...

By Jonathanmking88 on Jun 2, 2017
#6381 Reply
No need to knock it. A template is useful for builders of all levels of proficiency. I still use templates to form my builds.

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 4, 2017
#6392 Reply
True, I've noticed that there's a lot of users here with great ideas that would benefit from a little direction when it comes to organizing and fleshing out the details of their builds. I haven't even nailed down a single format that works for all my characters, it's why I clicked on this in the first place. I guess it was the condescending replies and the realization that this was the same person I had seen being rude in several other forums that made me want to find fault in the template despite it being rather useful.

I do maintain however, that the usefulness is lessened somewhat when the person who wrote it goes around discouraging new/inexperienced build makers before they have the chance to see it. It's great to be an active part of the community, but there's no need to be a troll/gatekeeper. If you have advice to share that you think will help newbies, then more power to you...just try to include some "constructive" along with all that "criticism".

By Jonathanmking88 on Jun 4, 2017
#6395 Reply
He's just offering constructive criticism. Honestly, I'd argue that the lack of it is hurting rather than helping this particular community. Constructive criticism isn't always going to feel pleasant to read, but nobody is going to get better at anything without it.

The Skyrim blog/ the tamriel vault uses to be widely known among the Skyrim community for the quality of their builds. Quality that would be impossible without a healthy dose of constructive criticism. They're slowly losing their reputation for quality because of their community's ever growing disdain for constructive criticism.

By CurseNeverDying on Jun 5, 2017
#6402 Reply
I agree, however I'd argue that you're mistaking "constructive" for "pleasant". Sure, wuyixiang's comments are often neither...but it's not so much the unpleasant that I take issue with. I don't think we need to shy away from criticism, it's the entire reason we have the ability to discuss builds on here. However I'd argue that the obligatory "you're doing/using _______ wrong" comment is just trolling unless you can expand on how ono might go about doing it correctly. Sure, if you're helping someone by sharing your wisdom then being nice about it isn't always the most effective...but your methods of helping are easily forgivable when you're actually helping.

By Jonathanmking88 on Jun 5, 2017
#6403 Reply
And pray tell, what other forums might you be referring to, for I am not exactly active in other forums? The Secret World? Deviant Art?

By wuyixiang on Jun 4, 2017
#6396 Reply
*several other threads on skyrim calc.

By Jonathanmking88 on Jun 5, 2017
#6401 Reply
I'd disagree - There are plenty of new people who don't know where to start when making a build. This is intended as a jumping off point, not a "This is how you make a build". Nothing creative is ever set in stone.

By wuyixiang on Jun 3, 2017
#6384 Reply
Also, no, I never copied Curse. I don't have time to look at every single build on the site, so there are bound to be repeats.

By wuyixiang on Jun 3, 2017
#6385 Reply
"Repeats"? I meant "Similarities". Ugh, jet lag can go diaf...

By wuyixiang on Jun 3, 2017
#6386 Reply
Very helpfull! emoticon

By Crisel on Feb 13, 2017
#6122 Reply
Thanks. I'm glad it's helping. emoticon

By wuyixiang on Feb 13, 2017
#6126 Reply
i think this helped

By Pokemoniscool on Jan 18, 2017
#5740 Reply
probably not tho

By Pokemoniscool on Jan 18, 2017
#5741 Reply
can you check. if i didn't work i am done

By Pokemoniscool on Jan 18, 2017
#5745 Reply
I believe my advice to you was "Work on the builds you have", and not "Make more builds".

By wuyixiang on Jan 18, 2017
#5747 Reply
I believe that's why it's called "advice" and not a "command".

By Jonathanmking88 on Jun 2, 2017
#6382 Reply
True, but asking for advice and then disregarding it when it is offered - especially from the same person - is absurd.

By wuyixiang on Jun 3, 2017
#6388 Reply
oh (facepAlms)

By Pokemoniscool on Jan 18, 2017
#5748 Reply
That's fine, I didn't expected instant attention on any of my builds and was surprised when someone favorite one.

By Sentiniel68 on Dec 23, 2016
#5418 Reply
Thanks for making this Template, I just started posting builds and it always helps to have a guide of what people are expecting in terms of format emoticon. Keep an eye out for my builds and do not be afraid to comment, whether good or bad.

By Sentiniel68 on Dec 23, 2016
#5410 Reply
We can never have too many resources at our disposal.

I've seen some of your builds around, but I haven't had time to really look at them yet, what with the holidays just around the corner and all.

By wuyixiang on Dec 23, 2016
#5411 Reply
well written, thanks for your effort...

By clawshaper on Nov 18, 2016
#5112 Reply
I'm just tired of people not giving a damn about whether their build looks good and figured I'd put this out.

By wuyixiang on Nov 18, 2016
#5113 Reply
Might help newer builders, too. Two birds, one stone and whatever.

By wuyixiang on Nov 18, 2016
#5114 Reply