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Dawnguard Knight 45 #445380

This build is a knight build made specifically for the Dawnguard questline. It is like a paladin, in as the goal of this build is to cleanse the world of the undead. This build plays like any other knight, and is a tank with the option of ranged damage (via crossbow) or getting up close and personal, with restoration for the times when you are needing some healing after a tough battle. Smithing is a skill to for the light armor path. If you use heavy armor instead, you can use the smithing to improve weapons and armor.

Basic Info
Race-Nord, Orc, Imperial, or Dark Elf are what I recommend.
Major Skills-Light Armor, Block, and One Handed
Minor Skills-Archery, Restoration and potentially Smithing
Optional Skills-I didn't put the perks in for them, but you could also upgrade Alchemy and Enchanting if you wan to.
Standing Stone-Warrior===>Lady

The build is going to look something like a fantasy knight. I went with glass armor full set, with Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker. If you go down a heavy armor path, I recommend using steel plate armor, gauntlets, and boots, with a full Dawnguard helmet. Dragon armor is an alternate to either the heavy armor choices or light armor choices, as there are light and heavy versions of it.

Head-Glass Helmet
Body-Glass Armor
Hands-Glass Gauntlets
Feet-Glass Boots
Jewelry-Any jewelry enchanted with fortify health, one handed, block, stamina, magica, archery, and/or restoration

Spells-Healing, Close Wounds, Heal Others, Stendarr's Aura, Sun Fire, and Vampire's Bane

Basic Attack Strategy
The perks work together so that when you get most of them, you should be able to take minimal damage. The shield charge bash should be used before you engage with your sword to immobilize your enemy to do as much damage as possible before you take any. The bashing perks should be used mid-combat to stagger and potentially disarm your enemy and cripple them. When you are using the crossbow, you should try to lower the number of enemies in the group, then charge in with your sword and shield. If you are ambushed by enemies, or are not aware of their approach (like in the case of hired thugs walking up behind you), try to get some distance and use shield charge to even the playing field a little bit. You also have the option of using the chage perks from the one-handed tree instead of shield charging, if you so wish. Remember, this is just the outlines of the build, and you do not have to follow the rules to the attack strategy, and can adapt it to your own playstyle if you want to.

Dawnguard Questline, Main questline up until becoming thane of Whiterun,Break of Dawn
To get the Dawnbreaker
,any questline that has to do with killing undead

This section is for how the perks and skills work together. If you don't care, then just go to the closing, as this is not the most important part for everyone.
Light Armor-The perks in this category are to make it so you can hit hard and fast, and get out of the fight as soon as possible.
Block-I put the perks into blocking to increase defense and offense against almost all enemies. The bashing perks are there to give you an edge when fighting the tougher opponents.
One Handed-The perks here have pretty obvious reasons. The sword is your main weapon, so I put the perks there to make it so that the sword will do as much damage as possible, without perks that become useless later on in the game.
Archery-This skill was included for the times when ranged attacks are the best way to deal with enemies. I put the perks in with the intention of the character using crossbows, as he is a part of the Dawnguard. The perks here allow precision and high damage, so you can pick off enough enemies to get in close with your sword and finish the rest of them.
Restoration-This skill was added so you have an alternate to having to fill your inventory with a ton (literally) of healing potions. It also adds the ability to use spells that are made to kill undead efficiently.
Smithing-This skill was added to obtain the armor and weapons needed, and to improve them. I have perks for light armor smithing, but if you want to go heavy armor, you can figure out what perks you want to get in smithing to improve your weapons and armor.

Thanks for checking out my build! I got this description set up from Wuyixiang, check it out here. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. See you in the next build!

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