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The Templar 50 #446385

This build uses the Dawnguard DLC.

Background: The Templar is an Imperial who was raised in Cyrodiil. His father and mother were both healers that had turned one part of their house into a sort of hospital and the Templar's parents would heal people for free and also made healing potions and other elixirs to make a living. The Templar's parents taught him at a young age how to make simple healing potions and simple restoration magic. As the Templar grew up he grew quite good at making potions and healing but found his parent's business boring and like a day to day routine that he did every single day. One day he heard of the civil war down in Skyrim and decided he wanted to join the war. He talked to his parents and they didn't seem mad at his decision but they weren't happy either so they say goodbye to him and he went to join the Imperials. When he got to Skyrim he was captured on the border in the middle of a fight between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. After that he was carted to Helgen and escaped with Hadvar during the chaos. After traveling through Skyrim for some time he was approached by an Orc and asked if he wanted to sign up for vampire killing the Templar said yes and further developed his restoration magic far enough to put any undead in it's place.

(I know the background was long sorry)


Block: The Templar uses a shield to defend from enemies and overall suffer little to no damage. (Also shield charge is fun.)

Heavy Armor: to stay alive longer not much else to explain.

One-handed: one-handed weapons are used to fight off evil. Dawnguard war axe for vamps.

Smithing: to make and improve good equipment.

Enchanting: used to upgrade your gear.

Restoration: used to fight undead and heal yourself.

Also lycanthropy is completely optional but you can use it.


(Head) Dawnguard full helmet

(Chest) Dawnguard heavy armor

(Arms) Dawnguard heavy gloves

(Feet) Dawnguard heavy boots

(Weapon) Dawnbreaker or any other sword.

(Shield) You could use any shield but I think the shield of Auriel is cool for this build.

You could also use Auriel's bow if you wanted to incorporate archery.

Stat spread:

The stat spread for Magicka/Health/Stamina is 2/4/2 but could be modified to your liking.

For the race I would say either Imperial for the head start in restoration and for the back story or if you want to change the back story you could go with Breton for magic resist but you could choose any race it's all up to preference.

Playstyle: The playstyle for this build is two different attack strategies 1. Attack with sword and shield up close blocking when needed and use archery from afar if you incorporate archery. 2. (for undead) cast stendarr's aura and go in with your spells and sword flying.

End: That's it for this build I hope you liked it.

P.S. criticism/advice wanted

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