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Vanguard Scout 70 #446404

My main goal for this build was to make a class that had plenty of options when aproching a battle, weather long range or melee. Light on their feet yet sturdy enough to stand up to a fight. I wanted to avoid magic, a true Worrior/Rouge hybrid.

Play style and Stats
Working with Archery first and foremost the scout likes to soften their targets from afar to guaranty a swift victory in melee. Training in the vanguard has taught them to utilize blades and daggers as well as what it takes to stand firm in the shield wall. With a natural affinity for the land of Skyrim the scout utilizes the plants and animals to augment their abilities. Bolstering their strengths and finding counters for their targets. Stealth is a tool and can be a deciding factor to any battle however this build is not stealth essential and should be able to stand up to tough melee battles.

I chose to omit all use of magic and enchanting for this build, so my stat spread is an even 1:1 between health and stamina. This gives us ample energy for slow motion shots and blocks, with enough health to take hits without too much worry.

Best starting races and standing stones.
Depending on what you want to excel at first each of these races make fine Scouts. Wood Elfs, make the best starting archers, and their abiliy to quiet fearsom wildlife can be very useful when ranging. Redguards also give nice bonuses... Their ability to quickly regen stamina helps our sustain in long fights. Or if you wanted a more up front melee scout, an Orc would make a fearsom foe. Try to avoid races who utilize magic.

The Lady and Lord stone both are suitable for this build, one giving a nice boost to health and stamina regen for between battles and the other hightened defence during fights.

Major Skills
One Handed

Minor skills
Light Armor

Similar builds

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