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The Nobleman 72 #446492

Name: Olafr the Cunning
Race: Nord
Age: 32
Backstory: Olafr was born in Skyrim just after the Great War, although he migrated along with his parents to Cyrodiil when he was 7 y/o. His father used to be a steward for a Jarl back in Skyrim and decided to try the politics game in the Imperial city, and his mother was a merchant. His father escalated ranks quickly within the Imperial Council, getting very close to the Emperor, and securing a very important position for himself and his family in the city, while his mother opened up a jewelry store in the marketplace and began earning large sums of gold every day. This made the family very rich, although he didn't grow up spoiled. He liked to spend time with other noblemen, servants, or anyone really, and learn as much as he could. His father taught him he art of combat, wearing heavy armor and using swords and shields to defeat his foes, as well as how to persuade, bribe, or intimidate people who got in his way. His mother, on the other hand, taught him basic forms of magic, such as healing, and basic Destruction and Illusion magic. The Nobleman grew into a fine looking young man, who enjoyed conversation, sparring with the city guards, shopping, and hunting. He was deeply interested in History, and learned of the Oblivion Crisis and the Hero of Kvatch, the Great War, and earlier on, Ysgramor and the Companions, and the dragons in Skyrim, Alduin, the Tongues, and various other tales, like Olaf One-Eye and Numinex, or the Wolf Queen Potema. All these tales and stories made him lust for his return to his homeland, and meet the Companions in Jorrvaskr and study along wise men and women in the College of Winterhold, but most of all, what he wanted the most, was to become an important and renowned man. In the Imperial City he was well-known, but this was due to his parents' actions, not his. He wanted to make a name for himself, to let his actions define him. So, when he heard of the Civil War in Skyrim, he was eager to get to Solitude and rise up the ranks of the Imperial Legion. Attracted by the opportunity to finally be able to fight for honour, he left the Imperial City on horse, but was caught near the border, mixed up with some Stormcloak soldiers, and taken to Helgen, where from he obviously escaped. He would have disregarded the Empire, but inspired by Hadvar's generosity after Alduin's attack, he pardoned Tullius, and his dream of fighting in the Legion was reborn.
Appearance: He is slightly muscular, not too big but also not too small. He bears a clean, shaved face, with no warpaint, and a slicked back, neatly cut and braided blonde hair. He wears Fine Clothes and Fine Boots, gloves, and a random ring and necklace (both pretty expensive, like golden with random precious gems, both enchanted). When he's in combat, though, he'll switch to a full set of Steel Plate armor, except for the headpiece.
Factions: Main storyline, Dragonborn and Dawguard DLCs too (siding with the Dawnguard), Companions. If you want, depending on the type of character you play, he can do the Thieves Guild for dat phat loot, the College of Winterhold, for his lust for History and knowledge, or the Bards College, to learn ancient tales and work up his speechcraft. He'll also destroy the Dark Brotherhood. You'll want to join the Legion after the Greybeard's Council in the main storyline, so do that one as soon as possible.
Weapons / Equipment / Playstyle: He'll ride his horse until the target is visible. He'll pick off targets with his Ebony bow until combat is inevitable, and at that point, he'll dismount and use his enchanted Silver sword and Ysgramor's shield / Shield of Solitude on his foes. If he is vastly outnumbered or simply doesn't feel like killing off someone, he'll use a Calm spell to soothe them.
Statspread: 1/3 Magicka, HP, and Stamina at the beginning, then tweak them depending on your playstyle. 1/5 Magicka, 3/5 HP, and 2/5 Stamina works pretty well.
Standing Stone: Lover, Warrior, or Thief at the beginning, and either the Lord or Lady later on.
Followers: He doesn't want friends or acquaintances as followers, but rather, something like a bodyguard, as he is an important person. That way, choices are housecarls and some mercenaries, like Belrand, Vorstag, Jenassa, or other hireling-like NPCs, like Kharjo or Uthgerd the Unbroken.
Spuse: Try to get mods/control commands that let you merry Elisif the Fair, Idgrod the Young, or Ingun Black-Briar. That's because you'll want to marry important people to adjust your position in Skyrim's high society.

Remember, the Nobleman is neither inherently evil, nor a 100% good character. He wants one thing, power, and to acquire that he'll need money and contacts. To be more well-known and liked he'll obviously do good deeds for the people, but that won't prevent him of entering a criminal underworld with the Thieves Guild, or sometimes getting out of your way to get money or information. Try to do all Daedric quests (except for the ones that go against what you think would be his morality), and along the Companipons' questline cure your lycanthropy. Basically, keep a good image to the public while being able to do shady stuff.

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