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Nightstrider 53 #446928


This build is a sneak-based character. It plays like an assassin and is very closely related to other builds. What makes it different, you may wonder. Really, not much. So why do I think that you should use this build and not just stop reading? Well, I think you will enjoy this build. Yes, YOU, reading this right now. But it is really up to you in the end.


Head-nothing ===> Shrouded Cowl
Body-Fur Armor ===> Shrouded Armor
Hands-Fur Gauntlets ===> Shrouded Gloves
Feet-Fur Shoes ===> Shrouded Boots


This build uses Illusion spells as a major part of gameplay. They are used to diminish groups of enemies and to become invisible or escape without having to fight.
Fury, Calm, Frenzy, Fear, Muffle, Invisibility, Pacify, Rout, Harmony, Hysteria, and Mayhem are all spells that I recommend using as your skill increases.


Race-Nord, Breton, High Elf, or Dark Elf

Major Skills

Sneak, Illusion, and Light Armor

Minor Skills

One Handed


Thanks for checking out my build. This is probably the most perks you will see me put into a build. Sorry about it being so high of a level. If you have any suggestions, or ways I can improve, leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed the build!
p.s. Sorry for the stupid intro, I just wanted to catch your attention. ;-)

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