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The Witch Doctor 55 #446978

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Nice build, but again, still needs some info on weapons and spells and potions you recommend. Other than that, great build! emoticon

By Diamondking495 on Dec 1, 2016
#5226 Reply
yea I tend to have a habbit with that don't I? XD I prefer to let people choose there own gear rather then just give them it but for a few I may write that

By TheBlueberryDea on Dec 1, 2016
#5228 Reply
It's one thing to give recommendations for items and skills. It's quite another to make them mandatory. Just because you guide them toward a specific set doesn't mean they're forced to follow it.

By wuyixiang on Dec 2, 2016
#5232 Reply
It doesn't hurt to lay out some basics for the people to get an idea of what your build is like.

By Diamondking495 on Dec 2, 2016
#5231 Reply