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Rogue Skooma-Runner 44 #447173


2nd Person POV
You weren't always a Rogue. You were once a member of a group of Skooma and Moon Sugar smugglers from Elsweyr. You were on a trip in Cyrodiil to get to a buyer in the Imperial City. One night while you were in the city, you overheard some guards talking about a reward for finding the group of smugglers. You were not the most honest, so you tipped off the guards to your group's location and received the payment instantly. You decided to get out of Cyrodiil to escape your group, so you headed north to Skyrim with some of the reward money. As you are crossing the border, you are caught in an Imperial ambush and carted to Helgen for execution.


Gender-Either, but I recommend female for allure bonus in speech since most merchants are male
Standing Stone-Thief ===> Serpent
Optional Skills-You can also use Smithing and/or Enchanting


This build wears Heavy Armor. As you level up, you will find better armor as loot and from merchants. End game armor will be full Dragonplate armor with jewelry that helps with skills like heavy armor or with enchantments like Fortify Health/Stamina and Resist things like magic/fire/frost. There are no weapons to be used, as this is an unarmed build. Another enchantment you will want is the enchantment from the Gloves of the Pugilist, which fortify unarmed attacks.

Basic Playstyle

You sneak around and try to do as much damage as possible without being detected. It is pretty simple.


This build was pretty fun to make. I hope you guys enjoy it, and you should check out these great people ; Wuyixiang and TheBlueberryDea, by clicking their names. See you in the next build! emoticon

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