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The Mage Guide By Crisel 46 #450381

"Av molag anyammis, av latta magicka."
(From fire, life; from light, magic)

- Ayleids proverb

~: After Mundus was crafted by Magnus, he left for Aetherius. Upon doing this, a large rift was created between Mundus and Aetherius, this rift is the Sun, who receive the name Magnus itself. The other many beings who were helping Magnus on his crafting also withdraw from Mundus, this making many other rifts and those become the stars. From those rifts, the Sun and Stars, Magicka flow from Aetherius to Mundus and many things on the sky and land are said to be filled with Magicka. :~

If you ever asked yourself where Magicka come from, this is told on the tales. This is also a possible explanation why the birth stars of a person are so important and why what we call Perks are shaped as Stars and Skill Trees as Constelations.

A Mage, as a neutral therm, refers to a person who develop himself on the Way of Magicka. It is true that Magicka is in everything and everyone, but in many different forms. And even if some races are known for having better affinity with magicka, Altmers for example, it doesn't mean any other race can become quite capable of developing it, even under casual restrictions. This said, let's move forward about some aspects of magic in Skyrim.

About Magicka

Magicka Points (mp) and Magicka Regeneration (mr)

Magicka Points are your current ammount of Magicka or how much Magicka you can host as a being. Magicka Regeneration is how fast you can recover passively your Magicka spent from your maximum Magicka hosting. Both (mp and mr) can be increased or decreased by numerous factors. A natural Magicka Regeneration rate is 3% of your base MP out of combat and only 1% inside combat. This means if you have 100 Magicka Points, only 1 MP per second will regenerate in combat and if you double your MR (plus 100% Magicka Regenration), only 2 MP per second will regenerate in combat.

Spell Fortify

There are two ways to Fortify a Spell. One is from Enchanting, and this way will reduce the cost of your spells when casting from a specific magic school. Other is from Alchemy and this way will increase the Damage or Duration of your Spells from a specific magic school. As much as we love to know about reagents and nature, the Alchemy proficiency in Skyrim is under the bless of the Thief and the Enchanting proficiency is under the bless of the Mage. This said, better rely more on Enchanting, since doing this will also benefit many other aspects as we will see later.

Magicka Absorb and Magicka Resistence

Magicka Absorb is the most usefull ability for a Mage. It will absorb the Magicka from a spell and transfer it to yourself imediatelly. The Astronach Stone, under the guard of The Mage, can give you 50% Spell Absorption and the Astronach Perk from Alteration School can give you 30% and those can stack.

Magicka Resistence acts like a natural shield. This will dissipate harmful Magicka from you till a cap of 80%. And doing the opposite is also possible. There is a Sign Stone called The Apprentice Stone (or should we call the masochist stone?), this one will double any magickal harm you receive.

The Art of Enchanting


Enchanting is a must for any Mage. Everyone love enchanted things and they tend to value much more on the market. As early as you can, you need to know most different enchantments and this can only be made by disenchanting the apparel that have such enchantment. Once this is done, the apparel will disappear but you will be able to know how to enchant many other things with that learned enchant.

Soul Gems

The material need for Enchanting is called Soul Gem. Once a Soul Gem is filled with the Magicka of a Soul, it can be used to transfer permanently a enchantment to a apparel. Common, Petty and Lesser Soul Gems are good only for practicing enchanting or recharging enchanted weapons and staves. Superior Soul Gems are good for enchanting apparel for yourself, such as a dagger, robes, gloves, boots, a ring, a circlet or a necklace till you become a Master Enchanter with 100 in this proficiency. If you had luck enough to acquire a filled Grand Soul Gem or a Black Soul Gem, save it for enchanting the most powerfull apparel once you acquired Master Enchanting and the Double Enchanting Perk.

Magickal Items

Gems and Food

Store as much filled Soul Gems as you can find, but don't buy them unless you need, for training its wise buying only the filled lesser and petty ones. Also, keep an eye on Beer, Eidar Cheese Wheel and Moon Sugar. If you can cook those 3 together, you can make a Elsweyr Fondue, the tastiest and favorite food for Mages. Remember to eat just after you entered a dangerous looking dungeon.


It is always good to carry a damaging staff with you. Those gold dragon shaped staves are generally able to cast spells from Destruction school and they can save your life if you're short in magicka. Just remember, even if you're channeling a spell with a staff, your magicka will stop from regenerate as if you were channeling the spell with your hands.


A dagger can be carried as a support weapon. While warriors and thieves make most use of those via strenght or stealth, you can enchant your dagger and be able to cause significant harm via enchanting.


Many Scrolls are usefull one way or other, and they pay good money for them too. But try to save the Guardian Circle Scroll for yourself. Combined with the Astronach Perk on the Alteration School, once inside the Guardian Circle you will be able to absorb his Magicka as it heals you, this giving you large ammounts of Magicka in little time.

The Path of Destruction

Sadly, most Destruction Spells are not efficient in Skyrim. They require more mp than are actually doing damage (dm) and the natural mr isn't enought alone to recharge you.

Lightning Spell Efficiency (magic points proportion to damge):

Numbers between 0~1 are super efficient
Numbers between 1~2 are moderate
Numbers past 2 and growing are not efficient

Spark: 19 mp/s for 8 dm/s (2,3 E)
Lightning Bolt: 51 mp/c for 25 dm/c (2,0 E)
Lightning Rune: 323 mp/c for 50 dm/c (AoE, Stay like trap) (6,4 E - need to hit 3 or more targets to be Efficient)
Chain Lightning: 156 mp/c for 40 dm/c (x2) (3,9 and 1,9 E if hit 2 targets)
Lightning Cloack: 370 mp/c for 8 dm/s during 1min (0,7 E if hit 100% of the time)
Thunderbolt: 343 mp/c for 60 dm/c (5,7 E)
Wall of Storms: 145 mp/s for 50 dm/s (last longer)(2,9 E enemy need to stay in the AoE for most efficiency)
Lightning Storm: 138 mp/s for 75 dm/s (1,8 E)

mp: magic points
dm: damage
E: efficiency
s: per second
c: per cast

For Magicka to regen you need to:

. Stop Casting (even staves)
. Absorb Magicka
. Drink Potions
. Increase Magicka Regen %

If you don't understand those numbers don't worry. They show in short that Magicka in Destruction (with the Lightning Spells as example) aren't very efficient, in other words, you're burning more magicka than doing damage, or going out of juice faster than things should drop dead.

There is, fortunatelly, a Enchanting named Forify Destruction that allow you to reduce the cost of your spells, this fixing their effiency. It is possible to even cast spells 100% free of Magicka cost, but I strongly disagree on doing that. The reason is, your mr will be obsolete and your game will mostly broke. By crafting only a Ring, an Amulet and a Circlet with all Enchanting recommended Perks and Grand/Black Soul Gem, will result in 75% spell reduction cost with almost no weight burden and this will make your mp and mr flow, and you can still wear any robe or apparel you can encounter or desire during your journey.

Destruction in Combat

This is Magicka converted to elemental forces, Fire, Ice and Lightning. Aside from those elements temporary personal effects, as heating an opponent will do him additional harm, cooling it will decrease his stamina and shocking it will decrease his magicka, there is a general rock paper scissor rule in Skyrim that can save a Mage's life:

What comes from Fire is vunerable to Ice and what comes from Ice is vunerable to Fire. Lightning is an overall element and can be used on almost any situation.

Dual Casting Destruction is a must only for Impact, or to temporary stun your target. Also, not all spells in this school can stun. For damaging, better results come from casting a separated spell in each hand and hit both alternated or at the same time. This is because Dual Casting ask for more Magicka tan can provide damage, while separated casting can keep the original mana efficiency of the spells and allow you to mix different kind of spells and elements. Against Ward users particullary, casting one spell in each hand and hiting the ward at the same time is very usefull to destroy the Ward in a burst.

Leveling Yourself

Having plus 400 Magicka points is enough, and having plus 300 Health Points is ok.

Leveling Destruction and Spell Tiers:

Tier 1 (0-49): Novice Spray Spells and Apprentice Ranged Spells except Runes
Tier 2 (50-74): Here shines the AoE! Add Runes and Mantles and the AoE versions of the ranged Spells to your chart.
Tier 3 (75-99): Change your Novice Spray Spells for the Expert Spray Wall Spells and your Apprentice Ranged Spells for the new Single Target upgraded ranged Spells.
Tier 4: (100): Add the Master Spells to your chart.

Enchanting leveling should be done tied to Destruction leveling, in this way:

Upon reach Apprentice Destruction: Get the first Enchanting Perk and the Soul Squeezer Perk (Enchant a Dagger with a Superior Soul Gem if you want)
Upon reach Adept Destruction (50): Get Enchanting to 80, all the Strenght Enchanting Perks and the Insightful Enchanter Perk (Enchant some apparel with Superior Soul Gem if you want with Fortify Destruction and other usefull enchantings on gloves, boots. Update your Dagger if you want.)
Upon reach Expert Destruction (75): Get Enchanting to 100 and the Double Enchanting Perk.(Enchant a Ring, a Necklace and a Circlet with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Alteration if you want. Update your Dagger, Gloves and Boots if you want)

General Combat

Keep on foot all the time. Move. Cover behind a wall, rock or column, jump, go where the enemy cant reach you easily. Dodge arrows and spells with strife feint, and Impact/Stun with priority to the dangerous and closest enemy. If your enemy is low on health, you can charge him with your dagger or you can try to get a few hits while you're saving your Magicka. Staffs are optimal for saving Magicka and keep the ranged fight, but never keep chanelling staves or spells for too long or your magicka regeneration will stop.

Ranged Spells or Arrows cant past closed doors. Traps can be activated throwing stuffs at them and dangerous items can be grabbed with Telekinesis from affar. Dual casting Runes can be setled on stroke points, like a door, for a trap and are the most fun alarm clock you will ever see on draurgs coffings.

Mage Shouting

Shouting is also a form of Magicka.

There are two Shouts Optimal for Mages: one is Become Ethereal and the other is Marked for Death. Become Ethereal can give you time to breath and reposition yourself along many other usefull tricks, such as unlimited stamina for running and no death from falling while under the shout effect. Also, Mantles can harm enemies while you're ethereal but the world cannot harm you with anything. The shorter version is the best, it will recharge faster and give you plenty of time to do what you need to.

Marked for Death is a counter boss shout. Under the shout effect, they will do less damage and receive more damage from any source, "balancing" them. The stronger version of the shout is the best, it will weaken them overtime and make the fight easier.

Another notable shout is Slow Time. This Shout, although with a relative long cool down, can put everything to slow motion, allowing you time for spells or dagger spam. This said, any Shout can be usefull or useless under a person mind.

The Other Magicka Skill Trees:


Alteration is like a spouse for Destruction. Those two schools together can synergize well both offensive and defensive, and beyond, due to Alteration many, many benefits. Start a fight poping a Flesh and throw Paralise to turn the tide any time. Just remmember to study what Paralise can and cannot affect. Before entering a lake, dual cast Waterbreathing and then dual cast Lightning Mantle. This will make the annoying Slaughterfish more funny and less slaughty to deal than you can immagine. Each spell of this Skill Tree is interesting and they need study and planning for the best results.


Ah, the loved by all Restoration. Heal, Fast Healing, and even Healing Hands for a npc can and will save you countless times. No need to explain how good it is to be able to heal. But about wards, there is something you need to know: Wards, curiously, while created to shield you from spells, and this being optimal against dragon breaths and usually other spellcasters, even chaurus and spider poisons, have a lethal trade for Mages: it will drain your Magicka so quickly to charge up and hold a barrier that you might regret the trade of risk dodging that 25 points damaging firebolt for 200 magicka points holding your ward steady to catch it. And don't you dare taking the Ward Absorb Perk. It will absorb sadly, only 25% of a supposed spell that hit your barrier, this is far from a dream to see you blue bar up instead of down as fast as a zaped crab. This said, Wards are usefull for Paladins or any meele thing that can use them, to close in to dragons, mages and other creatures. They just need that little time to approach, seconds, and as their laughly magicka pool is gone their huge stamina will start
a massive, almost non stop, damage process. Unless you really like being a Restoration Mage and are proper equiped with some Fortify apparel to this school, make strict use of wards for dragon encounters, and very specific situations.

Conjuration and Illusion

As much as I like to see Destruction and Alteration shining together, I must say the same synergy occur from combining those two Magickal Arts (Conjuration and Illusion) together. They take the Mage to a complet different, yet quite interesting and effective playstile or how to deal with the world. They also can be trained and leveled so fast compared to Destruction, I even feel a certain envy for my counterpart mages who choose this path instead. Once you reach Enchanting 100 you can cast Fortify Conjuration and Illusion on your apparel, 75% spell cost reduction is enough. Then, without even the Perks (except dual casting Illusion if you want to play with it) you can level both Skills to 100 very fast and easy.

My Personal Quests:

Aside from the main quests, the College of Winterhold quests and other side quests, here are some quests I have for you Mage, to do in your journey at Skyrim:

1. The Favourite Book Quest

This is a personal Quest I created for myself. Skyrim is full of books, some are fun, others provide information, thoughts, others are boring, others are erotic, and so on. As a quest, I always carry with me a "Favorite Book". To do this quest, all you need to do is read a book that caught your attention - you don't need to read all them - and keep it in your inventory. Then keep reading stuff from time to time, and, if you find a more interesting book, you should replace your Favorite Book with the new one.

2. The Enchanting Hunt:

This is a personal Quest I created for myself. I need to know all possible enchantments there is to know in Skyrim, including the ones I didn't seem to need for myself.

3. The Dragonborn Training:

I need to know and unlock all the Shouts there is to know in Skyrim.

4. The Sign Stone Researcher:

I need to know and unlock all locations of all Sign Stones knowm in Skyrim.

5 The Traveler Mage:

I need to know and unlock all map locations there is to know in Skyrim.

6. The Sacred Fox (or Bunny, or Goat)

This is a personal Quest I created for myself. Chikens are important beings on Skyrim. But any fox can hunt a chiken. So all foxies must be also very important. So, whenever I see a Fox in danger I will try to save its life and I will do my best to not harm them.

7. The Elemental Killcam

This is a personal Quest I created for myself. I will try to get alternated killcams with Fire, Ice and Lightning base spells. I can also make all 3 elements appear on the kill can (ex: Lightning Cloak, Frostbite in one hand and Flames on the other).

Note: this was intended to be wrote like a ingame book. Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

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