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The Half-Elf 11 #451520

"Halfbreed" is the insult thrown at you daily. "Whore" the insult directed at your poor mother, a Nord warrior, who was captured and assaulted by your Elvish father. Your mother abandoned you rather than bear the shame of raising the product of such violence. She dropped you in front of the city of Riften, where you were raised in the orphanage. Fortunately the matron of the orphanage was a kindly woman who took pity on you and sheltered you from the bigotry, and general unpleasantness of the local population. Then on your tenth birthday disaster struck in the form of a sickness that spread through Riften like wildfire, taking your kind guardian. Grelod took one look at you and immediately threw you onto the streets. The locals chased you from the city, forcing you to learn to live off the land. Thirteen years later you are captured with a group of Stormcloaks near Helgen. . .

This is not a finished build.
Choose any elf you like and fiddle with the customization settings until you wind up with a half-elf looking character. I chose an Altmer just to give myself a little more work to do.
I recommend avoiding the Companions, and staying out of the war, while joining the criminal organizations, and wearing some kind of hood or mask in the cities. The build I am setting up for this is a traditional thief/assassin using the bow and daggers. Magic is OK but sneaking is a must so get that illusion up quickly.
I play on Xbox so I don't have any mods but for those of you on PC I recommend "Frostfall", "Realistic Needs", and "Wet and Cold" for that added realism.

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