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Khajiit Unarmed 59 #451767

This is an unarmed build that makes use of the khajiit claws ability to beat dragons to death with fists. Close combat style so heavy armour but uses archery on approach to weaken. His one goal in life is money whether it be by taking that of value from those who are weaker than he is or looting an unguarded chest so invests in some speech perks to get the best price and lock-picking so they aren't a hindrance to his greed. Uses smithing and enchanting to give himself the best equipment available. Enchants his gauntlets and ring with fortify unarmed and doesn't mind about the rest.
He was part of a group of bandits but was bored of the limited wealth and sought a more boastful, solo lifestyle so slaughtered the group and set out to adventure. Heard there was commotion near the town of Helgen so as he was without objectives he decided to follow the stories and arrived as the dragon was flying away. He was understandably intrigued at the sight of the dragon (his dragonblood urging him to investigate) and then begins the main questline from riverwood as he runs to warn them. He uses his dragonblood as a way to become more powerful and seeks to learn all the shouts and use them whenever possible.
Not too keen on factions as he is perfectly capable of getting whatever he needs on his own - completely uninterested in the civil war and only resolves it with the greybeards because he has to. Destroys the dark brotherhood because no-one captures him and lives to talk about it. Joins the companions of Jorrvaskr after he hears rumours of their beastblood and thinks it can further his power (can invest in werewolf perks if you want).
'Plays the game' with daedric princes to obtain their unique artefacts but has no intention of serving them.

Can use whatever armour you want, depends if you want to go for looks, effectiveness or a compromise - I prefer dragonbone.

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