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High Priestess 45 #452371

The High Priestess is a semi-pacifist build. This means that she will only engage certain types of enemies, namely Daedra, Undead, and Dragons. She travels alone, spreading the kindness of the Nine Divines wherever she goes. This build requires at least the Dawnguard and Dragonborn Downloadable Content.

Basic Information:
Race: Imperial
Attributes: 3/1/1 (Level 50: 390/200/200)
Standing Stones: The Mage Stone, The Atronach Stone
Major Skills: Alchemy, Illusion, Restoration
Minor Skills: Alteration, Conjuration

Head: Mage's Circlet (Level 25) and Hooded Monk Robes
Torso: Hooded Monk Robes
Hands: Gloves
Feet: Boots
Neck: Any Divines Amulet

- Root of Power (The Tree Stone)
- Waters of Life (The Water Stone)
- Voice of the Emperor (Imperial Race)

- Candlelight (Novice)
- Magelight (Apprentice)
- Detect Life (Adept)
- Detect Dead (Expert)

- Banish Daedra (Adept)
- Expel Daedra (Expert)

- Clairvoyance (Novice)
- Courage (Novice)
- Calm (Apprentice)
- Rally (Adept)
- Pacify (Expert)
- Call to Arms (Master)

- Healing (Novice)
- Fast Healing (Apprentice)
- Healing Hands (Apprentice)
- Sun Fire (Apprentice)
- Turn Lesser Undead (Apprentice)
- Close Wounds (Adept)
- Heal Other (Adept)
- Repel Lesser Undead (Adept)
- Stendarr's Aura (Adept)
- Vampire's Bane (Adept)
- Circle of Protection (Expert)
- Grand Healing (Expert)
- Repel Undead (Expert)
- Turn Greater Undead (Expert)
- Bane of the Undead (Master)
- Guardian Circle (Master)

- Aura Whisper
- Battle Fury
- Become Ethereal
- Disarm
- Kyne's Peace

The High Priestess emphasizes the avoidance of combat without sneaking. Instead, she casts Calm and Pacify to avoid danger, and she uses the Voice of the Emperor when she is truly in danger. Against Daedra and Undead, however, she shows no mercy, banishing or expelling Daedra whenever she encounters them and destroying Undead with Vampire's Bane. Beware of dragons, however, for the Priestess does not have sufficient tools to slay them. Instead, during Dragon battles, she takes on a supportive role, casting heal and rally spells on nearby allies rather than engaging the dragons directly.

Advanced Gameplay:
The Atronach Stone and Atronach perk allow Guardian Circle and Circle of Protection to regenerate her magicka and so should not be taken until Expert Restoration has been unlocked.

Seraphina Cassia was the High Priestess of an Imperial temple that revered all nine of the Divines equally. When the White-Gold Concordat passed, and the worship of Talos was banned, she refused to comply, citing that she believed that Talos represented the hope that mankind would eventually transcend mortality. Seeing her steadfast beliefs as treason, the Empire ordered her execution, but a devout follower and friend freed her as she stood before the headsman's block.

Seraphina fled to Skyrim, where she stumbled upon an Imperial ambush and was captured alongside Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl of Windhelm and leader of the Stormcloak rebellion. Once again, she found herself staring into the maw of death as the executioner prepared his sinister axe.

Seraphina joins almost every guild barring the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild in her attempt to spread her devotion to the Nine Divines. As a member of the Dawnguard, she begrudgingly forms an uneasy alliance with Serana in order to destroy a greater evil. She takes her zealous hatred of the Undead to another level and even considers Dragons to be a form of Undead since Alduin raises them from their burial grounds.

- The Bards College
- The College of Winterhold
- The Dawnguard
- The Stormcloaks

- Andur's Arkay Amulet (Arkay)
- The Black Star (Azura) - Purification Route
- The Blessings of Nature (Kynareth)
- The Book of Love (Mara)
- The Break of Dawn (Meridia)
- The Heart of Dibella (Dibella)
- Waking Nightmare (Vaermina) - Destruction Route

This is one of my favorite builds (probably because I'm closest to Lawful Good in real life), and I've had a lot of fun playing this one. It isn't my longest-played build (that would be one based on Siegried Schtauffen from Soul Calibur), but it's pretty high on my list. I mainly started playing this build because I was disappointed in how little feedback melee combat seemed to provide, and by not engaging in combat at all, I mainly managed to avoid dealing with what I considered Skyrim's greatest drawback.

Change Log:
23 January 2017
- Added "Aura Whisper" to Shouts
- Added "Detect Life" and "Detect Dead" to Alteration
- Credit to Zlorfik for catching the error

17 January 2017
- Added "Call to Arms" to Illusion
- Added disclaimer concerning Skyrim DLC
- "Alchemy" is now a major skill
- Lowered required level from 50 to 45
- Modified "Alchemy", "Alteration", "Illusion", and "Speech" perk trees
- Recreated and republished due to spam
- Removed "Aura Whisper", "Dragon Aspect", "Slow Time", "Throw Voice", "Unrelenting Force", and "Whirlwind Sprint" from Shout list
- Removed "Detect Life", "Waterbreathing", and "Detect Dead" from Alteration
- Removed "Speech"

16 January 2017
- Changed "The Lady Stone" to "The Atronach Stone"
- Removed "The Companions" from the faction list

15 January 2017
- Build created and published
- Removed "Ring" equipment slot

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