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The Ninjew 42 #452652

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This site must truly be in its final death throes if this is the most active discussion around....

By CurseNeverDying on Oct 21, 2017
#6696 Reply
Well it was fun while it lasted.

By dragonkhajiit on Oct 22, 2017
#6698 Reply
I want to thank jonathanmnking88, because he is sensitive about racism or insulting like comments, I want to thank vengeful because he is understood he made a mistake even its a joke and apologized about it (reply667emoticon. Both of saying someone to "sorry" or not allowing "insulting" things shows decent personality. We hope so there is no more discusses here and anywhere like that again

By clawshaper on Oct 19, 2017
#6684 Reply
Congrats. You have successful created a politically topical and racially offensive build. I'm sure it gets a million views and comments a day. Good job. Now can everyone just move on and stop arguing over a freaking SKYRIM BUILD. Honestly, this is supposed to be fun, not an opportunity to attack others about or with Racism or whatever you want to call it. This is actually a creative build, and if both its creator and viewers weren't obsessed with ranting on the internet (as I rant) about their opinions and jokes. Can we be done? because a lot of good work is being blotted out by the latest comment on the "Ninjew" and I am sick of it. Get a twitter. This site is for Skyrim.

By LifeSmith on Oct 14, 2017
#6650 Reply
I kind of already came to this conclusion and informed him if he ignoring him. I suggest you just do the same...he'll stop when he realizes is not getting him attention.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 14, 2017
#6651 Reply
I'd be ignoring him*

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 14, 2017
#6652 Reply
I don't know what's lazier, the build or the racism. Why even waste people's time with this?

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 9, 2017
#6627 Reply
This is build was just a massive joke, and I don't know why it even has more than a hundred views. To be honest, you're right, it was just lazy. Although, it was a joke and nothing more. It's obviously just a stereotype, but is that really racist? I'm not oppressing anyone because I made a lazy joke of a build, am I? Also, I don't see how "racism" (If you can call this that) could be lazy. Anyways, it was meant to be waste time, but if you wanted a better build I don't know why you viewed this. I'm pretty sure if you read the title "The Ninjew" and saw the thumbnail, you'd know what you're getting. I didn't waste your time, you did.

By Vengeful on Oct 10, 2017
#6628 Reply
Are you really that stupid that you have to ask what racism is? Yes, this is's spreading hateful stereotypes about a race of people. I don't know how you know how to use a computer but claim that you don't know what racism is.

Oh, and not that "it's just a joke" would excuse this kind of shit...but you only get to even try to use that excuse if you're funny. You're not. Frankly, it's even more embarrassing that I have to explain to you how jokes work...

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 10, 2017
#6629 Reply
First, It's really quite funny that someone was so mad that a guy over the internet said jews were a race (which they are, there's a religion and a race) . Also I DO understand what a joke is. Just because you don't find it funny, doesn't mean it isn't a joke. Did you think I was making this build seriously? Also, I wasn't asking what racism is, I was asking how exactly this was racist. I made a silly stereotype, but I didn't antagonize or discriminate all jews purposefully with the idea that my race was superior. That's different. That is racism, not making a silly stereotypical skyrim build. And did you have to resort to insulting me because I said racism can't be lazy?

By Vengeful on Oct 19, 2017
#6677 Reply
Also, yeah it was a lazy, and honestly a shit joke. And I'm honestly sorry if I offended you, I didn't mean to offend anyone. This build was sarcastically done. I especially didn't want to start an argument. This was just supposed to be a silly build, not a political topic on racism that people argue on (Like videos based on elections) .

By Vengeful on Oct 19, 2017
#6678 Reply
Sorry for 3rd comment here, but I'm no neo nazi. One jew joke doesn't make me nazi, don't know where that came from. I think you're taking this too seriously. Nazi propaganda? A skyrim build is nazi propaganda? When in here did I support any nazi beliefs? And bigot? I'm not HATING jews. Just because I make a build based on a stereotype (Which I don't think accurately represent jews at all) doesn't mean I hate that race. Even if this was racist, you're taking it too far.

By Vengeful on Oct 19, 2017
#6679 Reply
Here's my third comment. Lol. Just wanted to day that you're clearly not a nazi, and maybe you've never experienced prejudice so you don't know what makes you a shit person, but just so you know...this does. You seem like an otherwise decent guy who probably doesn't want to come off that way, so now you know. This is shitty, a truly decent guy would realize that and stop trying to defend it.

Think of it like bumping into someone in a hallway and knocking them over, I'm sure you didn't mean to...but when they realize what happened a nice person would apologize anyway and try not to do it again. Only an asshole would explain why it's not their fault and walk away without helping the other person up.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 19, 2017
#6683 Reply
I mean, dickmaster recently told me to kill I could care less what he thinks, and I doubt most people would, but if he said that to someone who was already contemplating suicide they might take him more seriously. If they go through with it after reading his comment, is he then a murderer? No. But like the girl who was in the news recent for taking her boyfriend into killing himself, it would definitely make him a shit person.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 19, 2017
#6682 Reply
oh look; the idiot can not read typical, and can't write as well, also typical. Weak minded as always.
questions are not demands, you oaf.
oh and before you begin with the Dunning-Kruger thing, realize it's also used for people who underestimate themselves (which would be closer to me than the more common one),like in your case it's the more common overestimating themselves and still no clue on how the world works, typical.

By darthmaster on Oct 20, 2017
#6685 Reply
Doesn't the very fact that you THINK you're the genius who underestimates himself kind of prove that you're not? I feel like a smart person would have realized that before they said it...

Plus, you literally said in a previous comment that you're "never wrong". That sure sounds like something only an overconfident moron would say...though I think it's funny that it bothered you enough that you had to google it, just like I hoped it would. You're like my little puppet now. Next I want you to get really mad reply by trying to insult me but just make yourself look dumb.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 20, 2017
#6686 Reply
Nope, me saying shit like that doesn't make me overconfident, me calling myself smart is a highly understating my capabilities and btw I did not need to google it... but believe what you want to believe deluded one, but first of all learn something in reading that's called context, you clearly are incapable of that

By darthmaster on Oct 20, 2017
#6687 Reply
Lol. I can't believe you actually followed my instructions! Good boy.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 20, 2017
#6688 Reply
and something is not overconfidence when it's true

By darthmaster on Oct 20, 2017
#6690 Reply
I agree. That's why I said it.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 20, 2017
#6692 Reply
oh look at that, your inability to write and even understand your own words pops up again... good job showing why you truly fit the description of stupid, again.

By darthmaster on Oct 20, 2017
#6693 Reply
Well that's easy to just say, isn't it? Since you're so smart, how about you enlighten me. What didn't I understand?

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 20, 2017
#6694 Reply
I followed nobody's instructions but my own, deluded one.
and really look at what I've said and it all came true, you bitch and whine almost a week on how racist something is when it really isn't... it's about as racist as a pedophilic catholic priest joke, you really are a triggered tumblrite now. and calling you stupid as description, same goes for moron, cause, same goes for idiot also is true as you barely can get the context of a simple small text right. So yeah, you've really proven that my statements were true, dumbass

By darthmaster on Oct 20, 2017
#6689 Reply
Great stuff. Would you kindly elaborate?

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 20, 2017
#6691 Reply
No one said you were a nazi, but the picture you used is a modern interpretation of nazi propaganda. I didn't call you a nazi, I just pointed out that the image you used might as well have been a swastika.

Also, this is literally exactly what racism is. Just because you personally might not hate Jews because of these stereotypes, or even think they apply to all Jews, you're still spreading the kind of thinking that empowers the people, like dickmaster, who do. It may not be hateful itself but it's woefully negligent, and the "joke" you get out of it is hardly worth it after that.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 19, 2017
#6681 Reply
I actually liked the build. Of course it was a stereotype, and I didn't think you meant any harm. It was when the argument got too far is that I got ticked at darthmaster. I thought you were intentionally making a racial/topical/political build for views. My bad.

By LifeSmith on Oct 19, 2017
#6680 Reply
judaism is not a RACE, it's a RELIGION. And while it is discriminatory, it's not racist

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6633 Reply
Yea, that's why the build image is a nazi propaganda inspired depiction of a specific ethnicity...

Saying someone's Jewish can mean spirituality, culturally OR racially. It's an entomologicaly complex situation but common usage supports all three definitions depending on the context in which it's used.

I'm curious though, even if you weren't completely wrong... what's the point of making a semantic argument in this context? Do you really want to be playing devil's advocate for a bigot just because you think the other guy used the wrong terminology? I can't wrap my head around what you thought your point was.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 13, 2017
#6634 Reply
you used the wrong terminology, plain and simple... cause jews aren't a race, muslim also not a race... so stop conflating two separate things as race with religion, it's a false etymology and is a misuse of the term (and I'm never wrong, it's you that is wrong, though you hypersensitive tumblrite)

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6635 Reply
So...was that a joke? Did you really try to say that I was the sensitive one after throwing a fit because I explained why you were wrong? Lol. It's not my fault if you can't understand what I'm saying. You don't have to throw a tantrum about how you're never wrong...even if that IS what your mommy tells you. Lol.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 13, 2017
#6636 Reply
oh and congrats on exposing the true racist, it's not Vengeful, as it's you Jonthan, it really is you. for your narrow minded thinking that jews can only be white big nosed crooks

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6643 Reply
Exposed myself? It's not like he made a build about a greedy big nosed crook and I ASSUMED it was about jews...he named it the Ninjew. Are you clinically retarded? Lmao. See? This is what happens when you tell your kids they're never wrong... This guy's a living participation trophy. He thinks I'm triggered but I'm laughing so fucking hard right now!

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 13, 2017
#6646 Reply
if you're not triggered, then why the hell you comment racist in the first place? you might want to think that through next time. especially since there are no jews in Skyrim and anybody knows the greedy jew joke already, except for you... but that's what you get for being a special snowflake now

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6647 Reply
I'm so bored of you kid. I thought at first that maybe you'd understand reason... but if not then I just can't suffer morons. See ya kid, hope you grow our kids this stubborn idiot phase.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 13, 2017
#6648 Reply
then why haven't you killed yourself? you can't suffer morons, so why do you still suffer to be around then? you are not reasonable, you can't admit that you are simply wrong, you dumbass

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6649 Reply
what you're saying is that you do not know the difference between race and religion.
what you're saying is that you get all worked up that you need three posts from somebody else to figure that out
what you're saying is that you got triggered and called another racist when you don't know what racism is... so really all you did was make an ass of yourself.

By darthmaster on Oct 13, 2017
#6642 Reply
Lol. Calm down.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 13, 2017
#6644 Reply