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The Maverick Enchanter 29 #454259

Faralda: - Alright, what in world are you?!
You: - What do you mean? I'm me.
F: - A Mage?
Y: - Kinda.
F: - A Warrior?
Y: - Kinda.
F: - A Thief?
Y: - No! Wait... Kinda.
Faralda: - You need to be more specific.
You: - I'm... a Enchanter.
(This is how you interview was. Well, they accepted you at least.)

Here you are, young Enchanter! You're a very gifted person. Don't let others tell otherwise, they are just envious of you numerous talents!

=== Backhistory ===

You were born a genius. Excentric and kind as a person, you father and mother loved you from birth. Father always asked you to create devices for him to help on the work (farmer) and mom was more of a traditional person, worrying when you marriage wold be, and annoying you to be less weirdo. You had a younger sister that always asked you to make her toys and stuff. She was more household being close to mother while you were more the lone kind, close to father. Mom dislike your taste for magick while father always do whatever he can to attend your needs. He even bought you a dog (you love dogs!) and some expensive books to learn what fascinated you from birth: The Art of Enchanting.

One day, father asked you to come, he want to show you the crops. Thanks to your enchanting improvement on the tools, they grown so much healthier! He was very glad for having you as you are, you can feel his pride as you blush. But then, suddenly, both of you hear a far loud cry. It was completely different from all you have heard! What could it be? You look to father, he is also confused. Then suddenly, everything become shadowed. As you look up, the Sun was no more! Instead, an enormous dark figure flying. Once more, the beast cry while people start to running in fear. All in vain. Fire start to raindown and destroy everything on his path. The beautyfull crops where all ruined. Father ask you to rush to meet mom and your sister.
When you can see your house, you dog where barking desperatelly then a sudden flash occurs and the house was no more. An enormous fireball destroyed it. You approach slowly and recognize two corpses still burning inside it. You turn your back and see your father on the fields with your dog, disappearing on the flames. Then you colapsed and didn't remmember anything after that anymore.
You woke up near a tree and just wandered around, asking for answers and help. What was that shadow beast? You know it was a dragon, but there was no clue and no proof. People start to think you were going obsessively crazy even though they know about the incident on the farm, but you were the only survivor.
Then you started to aimless wander in shock, living like a beggar, till you got caught in the middle of a civil war between Imperials and Stormcloacks.

And when you were about to get executed, you hear the cry, again. It is in your head, you think. Then a second time. Nothing of this matter, soon you will be with father, mom and sis as you look to the executioner. Then you saw it. With your own eyes! You see the Shadow Dragon: ALDUIN!

After Helgen, you somehow changed your attitude. You decide to use what you know best - Enchanting - in a crusade to defeat Alduin and bring peace to Skyrim!

As soon as you can, you joined the College of Winterhold to have proper training and better acess to new enchantings and methods.
On your journey, you will also find Meeko, a loyal dog which his previous owner passed away and he is also now alone - like you - hopefull no more!


Race: Breton, Imperial, Redguard or Khajit
Gender: Any

Stone: Mage Stone for leveling Enchanting, Lover Stone for leveling all around, Then Atronach Stone or Lord Stone for endgame (your choice)

Shouts: Don't use shouts (only when requested - as for the greybeards and DragonRend)

Leveling: Magicka: 0/ Health: 1/ Stamina: 0 (put all your points into health)


You can enchant your apparel as you like, making them custom made and carry as much as you need!

Circlets, Amulets and Rings


You can carry only one set of armor per time! Try to make the sets match with respective tier (full dwarven set for example)

1 Helmet
1 Chest
1 Legs
1 Gauntlets

(aside from armor, you can wear normal clothes too - like peasant clothes, when you're not doing dungeons or quests for example they can be enchanted if you want and allow you to move much faster!)


You can carry only one kind of weapon of each category!!!!

1 Enchanted Dagger
1 Sword/Mace/Axe
1 Greatsword/Warhammer/Battleaxe
1 Bow
1 Staff

So plan your enchanting on your weapons!


You cannot cast spells on your own, except when asked to do. You can cast them via scrolls or staff but not with bare hands. For fighting, rely on your enchanted apparel, weapons and armor.

Meeko (try to quest with him as much as you can) and regular people you encounter

Notes e tips:

The Enchanter will overcome obstacles relying on his enchanting.skills, and what he can find such as scrolls, food and potion. While not allowed to cast spells directly, it will cover it with staffs and while not allowed to take profit from warrior and stealth perks it can cover it with enchanted gear. Remember to update your stuff once you level go higher. Try to cover with variety (having different elements on weapons, drain health and paralisis are great too).
You will need to rely heavy on Soul Gems, so make things easy by selling cheap crafted enchanted stuff such jewels and iron daggers. Don't exploit the game by crafting potions that will boost enchanting! You're allowed to use all potions, but not to craft them.

Remember you used to be a kind person, but even so you can become merciless in combat, the effect of the trauma and if you will overcome or drive deep on it is up to you. Usually it goes well trying to be nice with people most of the time. You're free to choose to side with the Blades or Graybeards but try to avoid join the Darkbrotherhood.

Atronach Forge (very important!):

Once you reach the College of Winterhold, you can use the Atronach Forge. This Forge will provide you with some nice stuff that will help you develop, such as:

Staff for each kind of Atronach (Fire, Frost, Storm) *
Turn Ebony armor into Daedric Armor **

* You need to operate the forge properly for create each staff. The ingredients needed and tutorials also can be find on internet.
** The ebony armor must be unenchanted or will fail. It also need other ingredients to work, you can check those on internet.

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