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The Godsbane(VERY OP) 11 #454490

Combat Style: Sword and Shield with Alteration and Destruction
Alignment: More Complex than good or evil
Powers: Dragonborn's Frost, Mora's Boon, Black Market, Secret of Strength, Seeker of Might, Lovers Insight, Cyclone, Frost Breath, Unrelenting Force, Dragon Aspect, Slow Time.
Weapon of Choice: Enchanted Sword and Shield(legendary)
Armour: Enchanted Sithis Armour(legendary)
Sword Enchants: Lilith's Lacerator of Killstreak and Shock Damage
Shield Enchants: Lilith's Eye of Chaos of Unbreakable and Fortify Block
Helm Enchants: Sithis Hood of Recharge Weapons and Increased Experience
Body Enchants: Sithis Armour of Shalidor's Shield and Fortify Total Armour
Hand Enchants: Sithis Gloves of Fortify One-Handed and Fortify Block
Boots Enchants: Sithis Boots of Fortify One-Handed and Fortify Speed
Amulet Enchants: Skull Amulet of Corruption
Spells: Ocato's Recital with Ebonyflesh and two others of your choice. Lightning Storm

Gameplay Mechanics: WARNING:This build was tested on Legendary difficulty with revenge of the enemies and deadly combat and combat evolved. You will use a combo of blocks, bashes, power attacks and regular attacks along with sword enchants for a ridiculously overpowered amount of damage. When entering combat with 1 enemy start by charging in and if they strike at you bash them then follow with 2 or 3 attacks then when they get out of stagger power attack them and follow with 2 or 3 attacks. If they do not attack do the same. If the enemy is still alive repeat this. This character when cornered by 3 or more enemies will use lightning storm at a distance to destroy them.

The Godsbane is a half nord half daedra(Xivali to be precised) he was fathered by a nord mother who died of child birth and the father was a Xivali serving originally Molag Bal however he was released from his service when he was summoned and released by the Godsbane's mother. After given freedom by the mother, the xivali loved her and while it was an odd relationship(very) the xivali still gave birth to the godsbane giving him his characteristic strength and dark skin and hair. The Xivali taught him necromancy and combat but also intelligence and wisdom. Being trained by Xivali however meant that daedra had influenced his political and philosophical ideas, because of this he believed that daedra was not evil but merely a much stronger more great counterpart to the gods. Although he didn't hate the gods... yet... On the 4th of Frostfall the divines discovered the Xivali's relationship with the Godsbane and his mother. The divines when the Xivali and his son were out hunting came down from the sky and they told the Xivali he was corrupted and he was blaspheming just by being alive the divines killed him and then whilst dying he said to the Godsbane. "Go to skyrim and destroy the divines temples and followers, gain followers of your own and then kill them as they killed me. So he ventures to skyrim and does just that but then after a first attempt of killing a divine he was struck down a swell but something he doesn't know what saved him from death. So pick attacked and left 4 dead in alternate start.

This Character uses SkyRe here are your real perks:
In the smithing skill have blacksmith level 5, leathercraft, Elven Discipline, Principles of Smithing, Dwarven Rigging, Orcish Smithing, Red mountain's calling, Daedric Influence. In the Light Weaponry tree have Armsman level 5, Bladesman level 3, Xiphos level 3(all perks that apply to swords like lilith's lacerator. In the Light Armour tree all perks, in the destruction tree all perks that apply to lightning magic, in conjuration all perks that benefit necromancy, In Alteration all perks benefiting ebonyflesh and the other 2 spells you choose for the ocato's recital.

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