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Tribal Witch 55 #454711

Note: Any thing in purple text will be from a mod.

Note:The name of the build can be changed if you so choose. I only included a name for the back story.
Where I got the name

Health=300 Stamina=200 Magic=350

Altmer- Magic bonus
Breten- Start with summon familiar spell
Witch elf- Effects in alchemy
Armor, boot, and gauntlets of the Old Gods and headdress of the Old Gods or voodoo mask (deerskull of human skull)

-Skull of corruption, forsworn sword (frost enchantment), sanguine rose, bond bow

Conjuration magic to summon guardians to protect you.
- Summon Deadra
-Bond bow
-Summon frost atronach
-Summon fire atronach
-Summon voodoo zombie
-Summon fetish shaman

-Main quest, Volkihar vampires,

- Use your prowess in alchemy and conjuration to poison and overwhelm anyone that stands in your way.
-You kind want to go for a sort of illusionist without using illusion magic. Use potions of slowness and paralysis.

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