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Enchanted Scholar 54 #455138

A seeker of knowledge since his early days the scholar is highly intelligent. The reason for this dates back to the days of his childhood, he was a curious boy and loved studying about the history and legends of Tamriel. In his years as a teen the knowledge from long term studies made a very capable mage, but he didn't want to rely on magic entirely so he had his father train him in one-handed combat allowing him to become a very powerful battle-mage. His prowess in intellectual and physical arts formed a love for enchanting magic. He combined his own strength with enchanted objects to make himself. But all wasn't well for him after traveling through ashy plains a of his Morrowind home ending in his kidnapping by some reavers. He was rescued but that seemed to make things worse making him feel powerless causing him to leave his home to travel to new lands in search of even more power. Unfortunately this caused his capture a second time, but this time by imperial mistaking him for a reaver. He evetually escapes his execution thanks to a dragon attack later on allowing him to finally begin his search for power. After all that he hears rumors of a powerful deadric prince that uses books of power located in Morrowind. (and after all that trouble to leave to emoticon)
khajiit- Night vision
Orc- Melee and armor bonus
High Elf(Altmer)- Magic bonus

Class: Enchanter/Battle-mage

Religion: Worshiper of the deadric prince Hermaeus Mora

Health=400 Stamina=300 Magic=400
Image of Hermeaus Mora- deadric prince of fate, memory, and knowledge
-Deadric Sword (absorb magicka + shock damage)

- Dragonbone Helmet (Enchanted)
-Deadric armor, gauntlets, and boots (Enchanted)

-Lighting Bolt
-Fire Ball
-Fast Heal
-Black Books

Special Items
-Azura's Star- unlimited soul gem (Do not betray Azura by corrupting the star.)
Note: I added the khajiit race because I like to see in the dark without changing the brightness of the game.
-College of Winterhold
-Civil War
-Main Quest

-Duel wield an axe and a spell to fight regular enemies.
-Your best combat strategy for this character is to use the powers of the Black Books and standing stones in Solstheim.

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