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Mage Main 61 #455618


Edwane was the only son of a Minor Nobleman in High Rock. Brash, charming and a very good squire. By the time he was 18, he wanted to earn his spurs so he went on a quest to slay a coven of Deadra worshipers.

He tracks them to a cave and foolishly charged in. He starts laying about with his sword to left and right. Since most of there worshipers we untrained priest, he had little opposition. After the fight, he beheld what they were trying to accomplish; Bringing back a long-dead Vampire. Realising that he is no match, he moves to escape and get help. As soon as he turns the vampire is there. The elder one looks thin and gaunt but Edwane is no match for his magic. A mage comes and puts an end to the undead creature. Too late. Edwane had already contracted vampirism and turned.

Ashamed that he was so rash and headstrong, he runs way. After a few years of being hunted and moving from place to place, he joins a coven of vampires. The mistress is charming and takes a liking to Edwane. She explains that the coven keeps a low profile and hunts people who can defend themselves, primarily soldiers of the great war. Edwane adapts to the vampire lifestyle, learning illusion Magic. at the same time he losses all his convictions that he held so precious in his early life. After 20 years spent as a vampire very little is left of his old self.

During the aftermath of a battle, the mistress and he try to hunt a small band of soldiers. They are however opposed by a mage and an older knight. The fight ensues. The mistress parries the mage first spells and drains him. Edwane goes toe to toe with the knight and he wins only due to his superior physical strength. After the final blow is landed, the knight losses his helm to reveal that it was his father. Edwane is emotional but his father smiles and is happy to see his boy for the last time. He tells Edwane that it is never too late to start again.

Depressed and ashamed that he had lost hope and spent the last 20 years being a monster, he gives up. For the next 2 years, he doesn't hunt but stays in the den unable to die. One fateful day two individuals attack the den. One is a paladin covered in light, the other a bowman with glass arrows. They kill the lesser vampire and The bowman pins the mistress to the wall. Edwane is glad that he will finally die and be released from the curse. But the Bowman tells him that if he wants to get rid of the curse he has to take a life and throws a black soul gem at his feet. Edwane kills the mistress filling the soulgem and he is taken to a crone who gets rid of his curse with a strange ritual. The group introduced themselves as independent deadra hunters. The bowman tells him to use this second chance. Edwane rejuvenated heads to skyrim to help in any way he can. He is caught in Helgen and the rest is a story for another time.

Role Play:

He will take his duty as a Dragonborn seriously. Gaining knowledge through the college. He will actively avoid all deadric quests since he is terrified of dealing with the prices. However, he will break this tradition with Hermeous Mora. He will read the books. This will lead him to confront HM again in Dragonborn. By the end of his story, he stays seclude at Mirak's temple because he thinks that HM has control over his soul.


End Game gear is:
Head: Silver and Sapphire Circlet (Enchanted)
Body: Master Robes of Illusion
Arms: Dragon Scale Gauntlets (Enchanted)
Boots: Dragonscale Boots (Enchanted)
Ring: Silver Ring (Enchanted)
Necklace: Silver Necklace (Enchanted)
Weapons: Skyforge Steel Sword (Enchanted) (Improved) & Staff of Magnus

Mid Game gear is:
Head: Gold and Emerald Circlet (Enchanted)
Body: Expert Robes of Illusion
Arms: Glass Gauntlets (Enchanted)
Boots: Glass Boots (Enchanted)
Ring: Gold Emerald Ring (Enchanted)
Necklace: Gold Diamond Necklace (Enchanted)
Sword: Glass Sword (Enchanted) (Improved) & Staff of Fireballs

Early gear is:
Head: Copper and Onyx Circlet (Enchanted)
Body: Adept Robes of Illusion
Arms: Elven Gauntlets (Enchanted)
Boots: Elven Boots (Enchanted)
Ring: Gold Ring (Enchanted)
Necklace: Gold Necklace (Enchanted)
Sword: Dwarven Sword (Enchanted) (Improved) & Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson

Vampire Hunter gear is:
Head: Silver and Moonstone Circlet (Enchanted)
Body: Apprentice Robes of Illusion
Arms: Ancient Falmer Gauntlets (Enchanted)
Boots: Ancient Falmer Boots (Enchanted)
Ring: Silver Amethyst Ring (Enchanted)
Necklace: Silver Sapphire Necklace (Enchanted)
Sword: Silver Sword (Enchanted) (Improved) & Auriel's Bow (Sunhallowed Elven Arrows)

Dragonborn gear is:

Head: Gold and Ruby Circlet (Enchanted)
Body: Telvanni Robes
Arms: Chitin Bracers (Enchanted)
Boots: Chitin Boots (Enchanted)
Ring: Gold Diamond Ring (Enchanted)
Necklace: Gold Ruby Necklace (Enchanted)
Sword: Ebony Sword (Enchanted) (Improved) & Staff of Incineration

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