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Arion The Destroyer 72 #455964

Arion is a rare half giant/half man who loves to hunt and kill. He will take any thing he can loot from his kills and what he can't turn into armor he will sell. My Arion is based off of the Srion from Greek mythology. Arion was a giant that was born to kill the Greek god/goddess twins Artemis and Apollo. He was born a great hunter and a skilled warrior.

This builds uses some mods but you should be good on any platform.


Troll skull helmet cave or frost
Blades armor
Ebony gauntlets
Dragonplate boots

Bosmer elder bow
Crossbow any kind
Any kind of dagger standard, unique, of daedric artifact

Half fire giant

Companions, blades ( but you can use a mod so you don't have to kill paarthurnax),

P.s. sorry in the making I forgot some of the perks for smithing and sneaking take everything for both

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