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Blood Hunter 100 #457408

Race: Any race accepted for this build, but I suggest using a imperial or argonian to get the best experience

Gender: Any gender is accepted for the build

(If you decide to fight in the war you choose the imperial)

(Since you are a Nightingale you wear some pieces of the Nightingale armor set)
Head: Nightingale hood
Body: Ebony mail
Hands: Nightingale gloves
Feet: Nightingale boots
Rings: you have three, you can switch between them ("ring of remedy " health regenerates 20% faster, "ring of replenishing " magika regenerates 80% faster, "Bonehawk ring" enchanted with a 35 extra carry weight)
Necklace:"Resist Disease necklace"(100% resist disease)

Dawnbreaker (undead)
Mace of molag bal (all around combat)
Enhanced Dwarven crossbow (all around combat)


Conjuration spells:

Conjure Bone man
Conjure mist man
Conjure wrath man
Conjure flame atronach
Conjure Flaming familiar (See lower description on how to get this spell)
Soul trap
Bound bow (used when you run out of bolts/arrows )
Summon Arvak

Restoration spells:
Grand healing
Close wounds
Healing hands
Sun Flare



ARVAK: Obviously you cant obtain him until 25 or 30 (when you should start the Dawnguard quest line), so if you want a horse by all means buy a horse. (my suggestions are the Markarth Horse's or the Riften ones)

Flaming familiar spell: Quest: A scroll for Anska Where?: Hate Gate ruins


The main quest line: Complete this quest line when you are ready, but before you start the thieves guild quest line be sure to complete the first few quests. (Complete the quests up to "blade in the dark",
Return the horn of wind caller to the grey beards to get the last word of unrelenting force shout)

The thieves guild: This should be the first main quest line you complete and I suggest starting it at level 11 or 12 and by the time you finished it you should be level 25 or 26.

The dark brotherhood quest line: Now I suggest you don't do this quest line for this character, but if you want the perks and weapons, and armor you can feel free to do them.

The companions quest line: Obviously never join them.
(You can however steal a elven bow in Jourvasker for the beginning of the game.)

Civil War quest lines: You can choose which ever side, it won't affect the build

The Dawnguard quest: Join the Dawnguard and Refuse to become a vampire all throughout the quest line. (I suggest starting at level 25 or 30, in order to get good loot and have the enemies be a little more of a challenge)

The silver hand: Cant be joined but some of their camps contain caged werewolves that you can kill.

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