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Legendary Ranger Build 81 #457531

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I'll have to agree with wark. Kudos to you in making an effort to make a detailed walkthrough. However, I'd like to see more details on how to start this off early in the game. Starting off in legendary difficulty is quite hard. I'm actually planning a build in legendary difficulty as of now, but more on one handed and less stealth. Any suggestions?

By Elomar on May 17, 2019
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HOLY SHIT i dont know if i will still be alive when i finish reading this (as in it will take so long i will die of old age)

By gamesniper98765 on Nov 26, 2017
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You went into great detail on many of the game mechanics, even pointing out how fortify 1-handed doesn't effect daggers and how quiet casting's great for stealth shouts.
I noticed 3 things:
1) Forgot to mention lower tiered bows have MUCH faster draw speed. This is critical when you need to kill multiple opponents at range, and fast!
2) End game info's great. What about early game? How would you start this off? Maybe include an early game recommendation, and an explanation on how difficulty scales greatly midgame.
Something I like to do to counter the difficulty curve: get to level 4 or 5, invest 4 key perks (usually includes steel smithing), then bank the rest of your perks until you get certain pieces of gear. This means, do not hit that "level up" button after lvl 4 or 5. Many people view these builds to start off.
3) Wall of text!
I suggest editing that block with bold, colour, font size, underlines, and italics.
Use headers and titles, make it uniform, and maybe colour code it.

By Wark on Apr 15, 2017
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Oh, the speed of different bows.There is a list on UESP of different types of bow speed, and even formula to calculate the exact speed of each bow. For a general rule that the lighter the bow the faster it draws,except Zephyr and Dragonbone bow, which have the fastest speed and the higest weight/base damage but not the slowest.And the crossbow which I don't know how its loading speed is calculated. The formula is not lineal as when the bow speed is boosted to a certain point,you could hardly feel the difference between a 0.75 and 0.875 speed bow(At least from my own experience).There's a more detail guide from pms video,however he said there are no 'steel' bow which is not true,as Ancient Nord Bow, Hunting Bow and Forsworn Bow can all benefit from the steel smithing perk.
All the info I've posted here are my own summary, gaming experience, and info based on UESP, Pms00, Lothario etc in regards of the character optimization build. There are just too much details to cover for leveling

By Jasonhust on Apr 16, 2017
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Hi Wark, thanks for the suggestion! Well, tbh I'm not quite like the editing form of this website, nonetheless its's still a good idea to put maker, bold title, etc to the description since it's a really long article come to think of it...I would try what I could do to correct grammar error and make it more clear to benefit readers who do not like long texts emoticon

By Jasonhust on Apr 16, 2017
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Welcome Everyone emoticon This is my personal archery and assassin character build. It may not be the best build, but I've found it quite effective in the legendary playthrough. If you have any suggestion or question, please feel free to points out, I would be glad to hear from your feedback.

Thanks and hope it would help some people who are struggling in legendary difficulty, cheers. emoticon

By Jasonhust on Apr 12, 2017
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