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Eldritch Ghoul 45 #458611

This setup is going to create a very different feel for vanilla Skyrim than you have probably ever experienced before, as shown by the following features:
*You can do this even at level 1 <Perks likely beneficial though>
*No health, stamina, or magica regeneration through natural means
*you are not a vampire
*you are not a werewolf
*standing stone, ring, and amulet slots will all be filled by:
-The Necromancer Amulet
-Namira's Ring
-Atronach Stone
*you will not be able to summon creatures except undead
*you are immune to disease
*you are immune to poison
*you are mostly immune to magic

this will use the "restoration potion glitch" to make the game more interesting
1) obtain at least fortify restoration potion 100% (try not to go over)
2) arrive at the Atronach stone with Necromancer amulet and Namira's ring (you cannot already have the Atronach stone blessing)
3) drink the restoration potion
4) accept the Atronach blessing + equip Necromancer amulet and Namira's ring
5) never take them off or accept another stone blessing
You will no longer recover stats naturally

Additional suggestions:
*Start as an orc: the race power is going to be very beneficial and ghoul themed <for extra challenge try leaving this power equipped instead of using any shouts>
*Play on master or legendary difficulty: magic has no negative effect on you so challenge yourself!
*Use a weapon with drain stamina: pretty much your only consistent way to recover stamina, you may want to use light armor to make sprinting less painful
*Eat people: the ring's bonus will cause you to gain 50hp per corpse, this is the cheapest way to heal due to complete lack of regeneration
*Get hit by spells: this is the go-to way of magica recovery, be aware that there are a couple of bosses that ignore spell absorption due to a bug; if you find them R.I.P.
*Always remember: Beef Stew
*Don't Die

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