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Captain Tamriel 41 #460533

Ever wanted to play as Captain America in Skyrim? Well, this is as close as you can get to doing so without mods! This is the Captain Tamriel build, for all those Superhero afficionados!


This Warrior style build is one utilizes no weapons but your fists. That doesn't mean, though, that you're weak; far from it! Those fists of yours will prove to be superior to ANY steel, any metal weapon you find! Your armor will block any damage you take, and your Shield? HAH! All those who oppose your shield shall YIELD!


The Khajiit known as "Captain Tamriel" is a mystery to all; no one knows anything about him with absolute certainty, not even if he really is from Elsweyr! There are so many rumors surrounding this individual, each more outlandish than the last, that most just automatically assume them to be tall tales. There are some who have even adopted the idea of Captain Tamriel as a folk hero, someone who fights off evil whenever it shows its face!

There are some who say that Captain Tamriel once faced off a thousand Alik'r warriors by himself. The story of how Captain Tamriel single handedly slew an entire coven of vampires has become a favorite among drunks to exaggerate at the local pub. There is even a rumor that states that Captain Tamriel once took on Akatosh in a fist fight, which itself lasted seven days and six nights, ending in a draw!

There is only one thing that all citizens of Tamriel can agree on: Captain Tamriel is a Khajiit who carries around a big shield. Everything else about him, from the color of his fur, to the type of Khajiit that he is, varies from region to region.

The story of Captain Tamriel, however, is not nearly as known in Skyrim as it is in Cyrodiil. As an Imperial legion dragged Ulfric Stormcloack towards his execution, they spotted a mysterious Khajiit approaching them. The Khajiit, armed with nothing but a simple Iron Shield, demanded that the prisoner be released so he may face a fair and proper trial. They asked his name, and with a mighty look of steel in his eyes, he replied "Captain Tamriel." Though amused, the Imperials arrested the Khajiit, taking away his shield. Believing him to be a lunatic, they took him towards Helgen, to be put down as a sort of "mercy." Unbeknown to them, they had begun the latest, greatest legend to ever involve Captain Tamriel...


Captain Tamriel is a Warrior who literally charges into battle with his shield held up high. He uses Shield Bash to stagger his opponents, and then punches them to death. His high armor rating will absorb whatever damage he soaks up; Smithing and Enchanting are primarily used to improve his armor significantly.

Captain Tamriel shall also deny himself the chance to loot any enemy combatants UNLESS they have story specific items that he needs to take back. This is because the Captain is a highly honorable character. Exceptions, of course, are made for wild animals; go ahead and loot their pelts. Other exceptions are made for enchanted weaponry whose enchantments the Captain hasn't learned yet. We're going to role play that this is the Captain's natural drive to further improve himself and his knowledge, and that he does it with a very heavy heart.

"The how am I gonna make money?" Simple: you'll be taking bounty hunting work. We're gonna role play that this is the Captain ridding Skyrim of evildoers who NEED to be weeded out. And of course, we'll also be selling anything we make via Smithing, and we're gonna role play that the Captain does it more to give local Smiths better merchandise to sell, as well as to lower their workload.


As you've already seen, this build makes use of 4 Skill Trees: Block, Smithing, Enchanting, and Heavy Armor. Block and HA are this build's bread and butter, and we're using them for a mix of offense and defense. Smithing and Enchanting are chosen primarily to improve our armor, with Smithing having the additional use of creating revenue for our character.


Khajiit all the way. Male or female if you want, in spite of me using male pronouns in the backstory.

0 Magicka, and a ratio of 3-1 for Health and Stamina, respectively. We're putting more of an emphasis on Health here because this build is meant to be Tanky as heck.


You want to use the best Heavy Armor you can find, and you want to improve that Armor as much as you can. For enchantments, you'll typically want Gloves enchanted with increased unarmed damage, armor that blocks Magicka damage, Boots that increase carrying capacity and give off stamina, Helmets that improve Health and Stamina, Rings for more Stamina, Amulets for more Health, and Shield with improved Blocking.


This is an Imperial build, and we're joining the Imperials because the Captain believes that the Stormcloacks, as sympathetic as their cause is, are themselves NOT the best rulers for Skyrim. He believes that ALL of Tanriel belongs to everybody; there is room for everyone in Tamriel, and each citizen benefits more from being together than being segregated, as the Stormcloacks seem to want. You can also join the Companions if you so wish, but this character would NOT join the DB or the Thieve's Guild.


-Solid armor.
-Reusable racial power.


-No long range.
-No healing.
-Takes a long while for the build to REALLY start shining.

And that's the build! I hope you enjoy it!

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