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LAAS QAHNAARIN 110 #461388

The Laas Qahnaarin -Life Vanquisher- is the ultimate killer. Skilled in the art of stealth and dual wielding, he can cut down any foe within seconds. Once the leader of the reborn Dark Brotherhood he now travels across Skyrim to satisfy his own hunger for blood.

It is only fitting that he is dovahkiin, the only one capable of permanently killing dragons. He has read all of Hermaeus Mora's Black Books and has saved Tamriel from the threats of Harkon, Miraak and Alduin for the sole purpose of conquering the land himself.

Years of assassinations has trained his marksmanship and swordsmanship to levels that shouldn't be possible for man or mer and his ability to become one with the shadows makes Nocturnal envious. Always accompanied by a member of the Brotherhood and a devout worshipper(someone who won't get you detected), this fighter of legend is the herald of death.

Using the power of Red Mountain he can summon intense flames and fire wyrms to obliterate all opposition.

Daedric Helmet
(Archery / FortDestruction)
Daedric Chest
(FortDestruction / HealthRegen)
Daedric Arms
(OneHanded / Sneak)
Daedric Legs
(StaminaRegen / IceRes)

Gold Ruby Necklace
(FortConjuration / FortRestoration)
Gold Ruby Ring
(FortRestoration / StaminaRegen)

Dual Dragonbone Swords
(Chaos / AbsHlth)&(Chaos / AbsHlth)
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow
(Chaos / FierySoulTrap)

Grand Healing
Up to expert lvl Destruction spells (fire)
Conjure Flame Atronach (not thrall as it might hinder your ability to make Sneak kills)

Ancestors Wrath
Vampire Lord
Beast Form
Dragonborn Flame
Secret of Strength
Mora's Boon
Seeker of Might
Companion's Insight
Bardic Knowledge

Dragon Aspect
Slow Time
Fire Breath
Throw Voice
Marked for Death
Soul Tear
Become Ethereal

The Lady Stone

Sneak through dungeons using a crossbow and the element of surprise to deal a 3X boost to your strikes. Once discovered switch to any close range strategy.

Use Dragon Aspect and then equip Dragonbone Swords. Use Slow Time and power attacks to deal with the strongest enemy while your follower and DB initiate take out surrounding enemies. Use Become Ethereal when low on health or out numbered and you need to get away. To kill dragons use Dragonrend then your crossbow while waiting for it to land and continuous power attacks once the dragon has landed. Use various Black Book powers to aid in the fight. Fire Breath can create fire wyrms to further increase your army. Use your Ancestors Wrath along side your fire spells to leave behind nothing but cinders.

With your Dragonbone Sword in your main hand switch between your different spell schools in your left hand. Summon two Flame Atronachs to increase your army to 5. Quiet Casting allows you to set up your assault from the shadows.

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