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LAAS QAHNAARIN 110 #461388

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Instead for grand healing I would recommend close wounds that way you don't accidentally heal your enemies

By Waylon-Chan on Jul 3, 2017
#6437 Reply
Whenever I've used Grand Healing my enemies weren't healed even if they were closer than my followers. But thanks for the help

By PROjectZ3RO on Jul 4, 2017
#6442 Reply
Np, another thing is that most enemies will scale so even if they dot scale to Lv.110 they will still go up pretty high so wait I would recommend is either putting perks in different spots or getting rid of them all together, such as the critical shot perk, it's not useful because of how critical damage is calculated so what you could do is only put one that way you can get the two above it and put the rest in other spots

By Waylon-Chan on Jul 4, 2017
#6443 Reply
Same thing for one handed crit ?

By PROjectZ3RO on Jul 4, 2017
#6444 Reply
Yeah, any form of critical damage in skyrim is bad, see it only adds the base damage along with you normally dealt damage, for example let's say you smithed up a daedric sword to do 200 damage with a absorb 50 health enchantment, the critical hit would only add 24 more damage. So basically the input compared to the output is way to much

By Waylon-Chan on Jul 4, 2017
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