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The Elven Princess 42 #463559

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What makes this character an Elven princess? How did an Elven princess come to be involved in the events of Skyrim? The characters title will make much more sense to the reader if these things are explained. It's the basic 'who is she and why is she here' line of questions.

By CurseNeverDying on Aug 2, 2017
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I meant to write a backstory, but got tired and decided to add that later. I'll add it today, don't worry.

By Okkusenman on Aug 2, 2017
#6536 Reply
Dude thanks, but now I'm not going to publish mine because it'd seem like a rip off

By Waylon-Chan on Jul 30, 2017
#6516 Reply
Pfff, do it anyway. Just change a few perks here or there, and voila! An original build! And send me the link so I can see it!

By Okkusenman on Jul 30, 2017
#6517 Reply
Ok, I use a phone so it may take while but sure

By Waylon-Chan on Jul 30, 2017
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