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Stormcloak Berserker 37 #464066

What's happening, Skyrim fans? Okkusenman here bringing you his latest build! Today we dial it back a bit and go back to something a bit simpler, but VERY fun to use. This is the Stormcloack Berserker, and he's a Warrior who goes in and gets the kill without giving a damn!

As you can guess by the title, this build is for Stormcloack sympathizers. We can also join up the Companions, and we're gonna role play this as the Berserker seeking to earn some cash on the side and get some training going. Of course, game play wise, we want that Skyforge Steel so we can have a superior weapons alternative that still mixes with our aesthetic. We can also join the Dawnguard, and we'll roleplay this as the Berserker wanting to rid Skyrim of the vampire menace. No other faction is good for this build, as it either goes against the play style (College of Winterhold) or the roleplay (Thieves' Guild, Dark Brotherhood).

Now that we have the asterisks out of the way, let's talk about...


The Berserker was just another kid growing up in Skyrim. His father was a Windhelm guard who was loyal to the Stormcloak family. The boy adored his father, and unlike most Nords, the man encouraged his son to pursue his natural talents in Magic. When Ulfric Stormcloak was sent to The Reach to help quell the Forsworn rebellion, the Berserker's father went with him. Sadly, the father would end up one of the many casualties of this rebellion.

The boy grew up with an insatiable anger. He was angry at the Reachmen who took his father. He was angrier still at the Thalmor who began to walk around Skyrim, snatching Talos worshipers in the night as if they were criminals. But the boy was angriest at the Empire who allowed this to happen, and who CONTINUED to allow it. The boy's blood boiled every time he thought of the Empire that did nothing for its people, allowing citizens to get kidnapped and KILLED over a difference of faith!

He became a man. He trained his body to withstand the punishing winter winds of Skyrim. He trained his arms to deliver a force far greater than a mammoth. He chose the hand ax as his weapon, and wielded two on each hand: one for himself, and one for the father he lost. Steel in his hands, steel in his eyes and soul, he marched towards the border, where he would single handedly overthrow the Emperor...

...or at least that was the plan. Stopped at the border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil, the Berserker picked a fight he shouldn't have. He was arrested and thrown to the same wagon as the legendary Ulfric Stormcloak, the man who was giving the Empire hell. As the Berserker was about to lose his head on the chopping block, well, you know what comes next. Seeing this as his second chance, the Berserker's resolve burns anew. He will join Ulfric's side, and with his axes, he will cut down the Empire!

Play style:

You're gonna go in and DESTROY your enemies using Power Attacks. You will not relent; you will persist, like a raging bear and utterly demolish EVERYONE who stands against you.

The bread and butter of this build is Power Attacks, so we're going to be investing a LOT of points into Stamina. We'll be going 0/1/2 on Magicka, Health, and Stamina respectively.


Most of the Perk choices speak for themselves, but I feel two or three deserve an explanation. Critical Charge was chosen more for aesthetic than for practicality, to give us that "uncontrollable berserker" vibe we want for this character. Paralyzing Strike, on the other hand, was chosen more for practicality than aesthetic, as it gives us more tactical choices when dealing with enemies that have too much Health to die in two or three hits. Backwards Power Attacks are hard to pull off, but if you master them, you'll have one hell of a handy trick up your sleeve.

We're only investing a single Perk Point on Steel Smithing for role play reasons. This character is a true Nord, and he'll reject any weapon that is neither iron nor steel.

It may sound hypocritical for a True Nord to be enchanting his weapons, but we'll role play this as the Berserker trying his hand at the road in life he would have taken had his father not died. We're going to role play that the Berserker thinks of his dad every time he uses the Enchanter, and his mind races with his father's words of encouragement.

We'll only be using Fur Armor for this build. Said armor is not only aesthetically pleasing, it will provide the Berserker with some protection against his enemy's weapons. We'll enchant these armor pieces with Reduction to Fire and Shock Damage, and that's it. This will provide the Berserker with some much needed protection against those pesky wizards and dragons.


-TONS of damage!
-Much looting possible.


-Not much armor
-No long range combat
-No healing beyond potions and resting
-Steel weapons are rather weak

And that's the Stormcloak Berserker!

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