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The Parasite 30 #465779

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The worst build ever, it's like you do not even know how to play the game

By darthmaster on Oct 15, 2017
#6653 Reply
OK, this needs to stop. I am DONE with you darthmaster. It is very obvious you only comment to annoy other users, and it's just old now. Give up. Go home. No one cares about your comments.

By LifeSmith on Oct 17, 2017
#6663 Reply
Oh man, I love how he says "it's called criticism" so condescendingly as if you're the stupid one for not realizing his name calling was actually a thoughtful critique. Lmao. This kid is like the Dunning–Kruger effect personified.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 17, 2017
#6670 Reply
it's not name calling, calling you stupid is a description, seeing as you are stupid, stupid

By darthmaster on Oct 17, 2017
#6671 Reply
then why'd you reply if nobody cares? and also I do not attack other users, I simply tell them why they are wrong and how they are wrong. Its called criticism, and I'm free to criticize whoever I want.

Plus relying on something that can be patched over like a glitch makes something easily one of the worst builds, as well as untrustworthy to use, as a glitch might not work, as it is an unwanted effect in code.

By darthmaster on Oct 17, 2017
#6668 Reply
Lol. You're still butthurt from two days ago? That's just sad...

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 15, 2017
#6654 Reply
FYI darthmaster, it is entirely possible to gain those vampiric abilities via the glitch and then cure vampirism while keeping the abilities. Look, I get it. I'd be bummed out too if a racially insensitive shit post was the best I could do. But that's really no reason to attack other people.

By CurseNeverDying on Oct 15, 2017
#6656 Reply
sanother idiot not knowing the difference between race and religion, good job on showing your stupidity

By darthmaster on Oct 16, 2017
#6659 Reply
Lol. I wasn't even going to respond to Dunning–Kruger anymore, but I'm glad you did because that was hilarious.

By Jonathanmking88 on Oct 15, 2017
#6657 Reply
Oh, but of course you can't even fight your own battles... typical of a weak minded fool

By darthmaster on Oct 16, 2017
#6658 Reply
Nope. it's just an obvious statement to somebody who doesn't know how certain spells like vampiric drain are gained, cause being a vampire nullifies all sickness like witbane,and doesn't know how to infuse skyrim lore into their build

By darthmaster on Oct 15, 2017
#6655 Reply
good example, I like it emoticon

By clawshaper on Sep 16, 2017
#6605 Reply