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Highborn Knight 70 #466356

The goal for this build was to create an interesting warrior class. One that has typically strait forward game play, but is balanced by intriguing character development and a natural drive to explore the surrounding land. I chose to go with a Lawful Good approach so no stealing.

Play Style
Strength and charisma are the name of the game. Two-handed weapons, Heavy armor and Block are your back bone, however your not just any old brute. The upbringing you had as a child has given you a more sophisticated understanding of social nuances. This is shown mainly by the use of Illusion. It is very useful when setting up a battle, weather to buff your ally or to set up an engagement with some sort of disruption amongst the enemy ranks. How we use this skill is key to the character of this build. To better flushout our skills we will pick up some perks in speech and blacksmithing, righthand arm of each. This will allow us to negotiate outside of combat and better fit our armor for max comfort. Base archery is simply to be sure we are not SOL if the enemy chooses to stay at range.

The stat spread I chose was 1:3:2. Health being the most important, fallowed by stamina, and then a little magica to make sure we can cast those charming spells we want.

Best races and standing stones
Orcs make the best warrior out of all of the other races, hands down, with a buff to heavy armor,
two-handed, and block. Plus access to their berserk ability.
Nords are good for a more offensive start. They also has a free once per day charm (for RP purposes).
The Lord stone would probably be the most optimal for this build.

Major skills
Heavy armor

Minor skills

Similar builds

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