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Twilight 50 #466843


Race: Altmer
Gender: Male
Class: Dreadnought

"When it comes to vampires, if you're sloppy or careless, you're dead."


As a child, all you wanted was to join the Dawnguard. However, their ideas of fighting during the day with light magic seemed foolish, and you chose to adopt the strengths of your enemy. Studying the tactics of Movarth, a legendary vampire slayer, you tracked him to Morthal. Letting Alva convert you to Vampirism, you joined the coven. Talent propelled you far, and soon Movarth himself was training you in the arts of stealth and dark magic. The day of your final initiation, you excercized those skills, slaying the coven and recruiting Falion to cure you. Since then, you wandered Skyrim, looking for vampires to destroy.


Apparel: A set of Ebony Armor (with Ebony Mail) or Dawnguard Heavy Armor

Weapons: Two Silver Swords with Silent Moons, Auriel's Bow or Nightingale Blade and Bow

Spells: Flames, Fireball


One-Handed: You silver blades come in a flurry of well trained strikes, leaving undead corpses littered on the ground. Hacking and slashing your way through vampires, you leave them staring at the stars with lifeless eyes.

Heavy Armor: As each foe adds their own attacks to the onslaught you face, they barely scratch your dark, plated armor. You charge through them like a wrecking ball, wreaking havoc and emerging unscathed

Archery: Some vampires are reluctant to face you, so you shoot them from afar, loading enemies with black shafted arrows.

Enchanting: Being hard at work all night isn't healthy, but your armor sustains you, increasing abilities and bestowing extra damage to your blades

Destruction: While most prefer Restoration when battling undead, you take a more fiery approach. Exploiting a weakness of Vampires, you blast with fire, burning them like dried tinder.


A Lawful Neutral character, you defend the people when it's in your interest, and serves your vendetta against Vampires. You join both the Companions and Mage's College to increase abilities, but with avoid getting too involved. You will also aid the Dawnguard, but never formally join them. You don't care for the war and despise the Divines for allowing Vampires to exist. You shouldn't use followers.

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