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Twilight 50 #466843

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This is a very interesting build. Well thought through and giving us enough limits and freedom. While the Ebony Mail is an amazing armour piece with the poison cloak, when you already tap in magic for Fireballs, maybe also take a flame cloak as a supplement for the poison damage, which doesn't even affect the undead due to their poison resistance.

I like the idea of dual silver swords especially because one can't upgrade them. Dual wielding adds some extra damage. Also, with enchanting you can get some nice buffs (2 * 30 damage) to each of them.

Cool build, 5/5, well done!

By Zlorfik on Oct 13, 2017
#6639 Reply
Ok, I'll include more next time. I was afraid of falling back into my old habits of LONG backstories. Thanks!

By LifeSmith on Oct 9, 2017
#6625 Reply
What I meant was you should replace what you have now with information on how and why he fights like a vampire. Its potentially more compelling to explore that rather than fall into the usual story cliche of recounting your character's childhood.

By CurseNeverDying on Oct 9, 2017
#6626 Reply
Not bad at all. I feel the backstory would be now compelling if you touched on how this guy learned to fight like vampires do, and why.

By CurseNeverDying on Oct 8, 2017
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