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Lost Divine 100 #466884

Lost Divine

Race: Aedra (Imperial)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Divine Good (Vigil, Priests, Aedra, Dawnguard)
Class: Spellsword

"Blessings be with you."


A Divine who battled the Daedra during the Mythic Era you realized the war was going no where and so elected to make a new plane of existence: Oblivion. Collaborating with fellow Aedra, you discovered the creation would require a sacrifice or the Daedra would be able to escape. Volunteering to surrender your powers for the good of all, you made the sacrifice, locking away the demons, for a time. Left to wander Nirn, you became a priest to communicate with your old allies. However, when Alduin returned, you knew that only a god, even a weak one, could stop him.


Apparel: Steel Plate Armor (or Silver if you have the mod). Mage's Hood. Auriel's Shield

Weapons: Reclaim Dawnbreaker from the Daedra. Glass Sword. Black Bow of Fate.

Spells: Guardian Circle, Grand Healing, Greater Ward, Freeze, Icy Spear, Blizzard, Frost Cloak, Ebony Flesh, Telekinesis, Paralyze

Shouts: Dragon Aspect, Bend Will, Become Ethereal, Unrelenting Force, Frost Breath


Archery: A phenomenal archer, you can destroy opponents at a distance, taking them down with arrows.

One-Handed: You are by far the greatest swordsman in Skyrim, slashing and stabbing with a natural talent.

Block: Few can get past your shield, which always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

Enchanting: None can match your armor, as it is imbued with more magic than the College of Winterhold.

Restoration: Daedra often use undead to do their bidding, and so you come prepared with magic to counter them.

Destruction: A master of Frost magic, you freeze opponents in place before sending them to Shor.

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