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Soulless 70 #467389


Race: Dunmer or Nord
Gender: Male
Alignment: Self
Class: Dreadnought


You were a young warrior from the Fighters Guild before moving to Skyrim as a full-fledged knight. You did small jobs in Whiterun until a stranger asked you to stop some Daedric Cultists. Showing up to slay them, you were ambushed, and the head cultist cast Soul Trap on you, then left you for dead. All noble, heroic, and joyful feelings were lost with your soul, leaving only a sense of revenge. You determined to pay the fools back, and eventually the Daedra.


Stats: 2/3/1

Head: Ebony Helmet (Fortify Magicka and Conjuration)
Neck: Silver Necklace (Fortify Magicka and Conjuration)
Armor: Ebony Armor (Fortify Health and Health Regen)
Finger: Silver Ring (Fortify Magicka Regen and Conjuration)
Hands: Ebony Gauntlets (Fortify One-Handed and Block)
Feet: Ebony Boots (Resist Frost and Fortify One-Handed)
Conjuration: Wrathman, Mistman, Arvak, Soul Trap, Bound Sword
Illusion: Mayhem
Shouts: Summon Durnehviir, Disarm, Dismay, Drain Vitality, Soul Tear, Marked for Death


As Chaotic Neutral, you don't really care what happens. Kill everyone you can. Soulless isn't an idiot, he won't run in and keep knocking down the Jarl until Hold Guards kill him. But any opportunity to kill people, Daedra, Vampires, summoners, or Werewolves (Companions help you, so try to cure them instead), take. Try to mess up Daedric quests as well, like mass murdering Boethia's prophets. The only exception is if you want to glitch copy the Ebony Mail to remove its enchantment, as it has a higher armor rating and a cool look.

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