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Succubus Of Shadows 52 #467493

Purple Text=Mods
While flying through the skies of the night you find a strange portal like tear in the sky. You go to investigate only to be sucked in going unconscious from energy. Hearing chatter you awaken to find your wings are missing and you are bonded by robes.

Magic=300 Health=500 Stamina=200

-Altmer (High elf)
-Soul trap
-Summon Dremora lord
-Bound sword

Lv. 1-20
Head: Novice hood (Fortify magic)
Chest: Novice robes (Regenerate magic)
Gauntlets: Imperial [light] (Fortify magic)
Boots: Imperial [light]
Ring: None
Amulet: None

Lv. 21-30
Head: Circlet (Regenerate magic)
Chest: Royal vampire armor (Regenerate magic)
Gauntlets: Thlamor gloves (Fortify magic)
Boots: Thlamor boots (Regenerate stamina)
Ring: Ring (Regenerate magic)
Amulet: Necklace (Fortify magic)

Lv. 31+
Head: Circlet (Regenerate magic + Fortify magic)
Chest: Tavern cloths (Regenerate magic + Regenerate health)
Gauntlets: Vampire gloves (Fortify magic + Fortify sneak)
Boots: Vampire boots (Regenerate stamina + Fortify sneak)
Ring: Ring (Regenerate magic + Regenerate stamina)
Amulet: Necklace (Fortify speech + Fortify magic/Regenerate magic)
-College of Winterhold
-Volkihar Vampires

Followers: None

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