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Holy Paladin Of The Nine 67 #467912

This build is based on my Skyrim character OrianTheGreat. Now, this build may be a little shabby but plz keep in mind that this is my first ever build on this platform =D.

Backstory: OrianTheGreat was born in the Imperial City ???? near the Temple District. This is the locations his grandfather shared messages of all nine divines. Orian’s father was a commander in the imperial legion and his mother a priest who also practice religion in the temple, which led Orian to be very religious. When he became a teen he practice weaponry at the legion and magic ( divine ) in the Arcane University. During the time finishing school, Orian and his parents went on a temporary advanture to a small village that needed assistance. Then out of nowhere, a dragon ???? appears attacking them. The village were low on troops so Orian’s father requested to help, and his mother assisted the wounded while Orian hid. The men was no match for the dragon though so they were all defeated to their demise ( as well as Orian’s parents ). This made Orian furious and to seek justice and vengeance. So, when he traveled back to his city he was taken in by his father’s comrade and best-friend brodwin who was also a merchant in anvil as well as a night. He still visit his grandfathers temple to pray to the gods and decide no one should feel the same fate as me and decided to protect all others who are in need and vanquish evil. When he grew older, he left the Empire to travel to Skyrim. He was soon captured by Imperials for misunderstandings and later free’d do to a dragon attack. He escaped Helgen with an Imperial soldier named Advar to riverwood for more help. Then his journey BEGINS!!!

Race: Imperial (or Breton as more for magic, it doesn’t really matter the race though)

Major Skills: One-handed, block, heavy armor, restoration
Minor Skills: Illusion, Smithing, and Enchanting (don’t mind Speech)

Stat points : 2.5 Magicka/ 3 Health/ 1.5 Stamina

Weapons: Effective on undeads and vampire with divine enchantment.
Gear: Glass Armor, elven Armor. or use MODS!!! (your preference).

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