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The OP Battlemage 50 #468221

Stats: 4/5/1 (Magicka/Health/Stamina)
Standing Stone: Atronach> +50 Magicka, 50% spell absorbtion or Apprentice Stone: 100% Magicka recovery (although 100% weaker to Magic) - Race: Breton (other options: Altmer, Dunmer, & maybe Imperial)
Armor: Heavy Armor (for a tanky Mage build) (use enchantments to add magic enchantments to your Heavy Armor, especially if you activate the Apprentice Stone so you can have extra spell resistance as well as Magicka regen to add on to it.)

Backstory: A Breton from High rock to Cyrodil Named Arlem with the roots of an imperial father and Nedic mother (a Breton with descendants of Bretons, Imperials, and Nords combine). Living in High Rock with his mother while his father was commanding troops in the Legion, Arlem was with his mother learning extravagant experiments with his mother who was a sorcerer. Arlem developed keen knowledge and wisdom growing up, suitable to become a mage, which he loved becoming and made an excellent and most well-talent scholar in Wayrest ( the city he lived in ) Mage Guild. Even though Arlem was a novice spell caster at a young age, he couldn’t use it outside of school unless in need, and he wasn’t athletically fit which caused him to be picked on. This made Arlem want to go the Cyrodiil where his father lived as well as brother and grandfather, who all taught him the art of blunt and sword wielding and also build a better physique. This gave him the idea to master both, which is hard to but with his keen intelligence he did it all in a year. After his brother left for Skyrim he figured he’d go on the same path, traveling to The College of Winterhold due to less restrictions to magic castings. Once upon coming there, a mage teacher posing as an intern to guide us to the College by asking questions to pass. Then his journey BEGINS!

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