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The Sentinel 53 #468473

The sentinel grew up in Wayrest,High rock.He bleonged to a rather wealthy and somewhat powerful family that was made up of mostly merchants and politicans.They often despised those of less money then them and licked the few boots with more money then them.The sentinel disliked this and much to his familys disaprovel would volunteered at the temple of arkay.He often helped the needy and sick here he learned some basic restoration spells.One homeless old man a warrior who had fought in the great war he worked with often.The old man and the sentinel became fast friends and this is where his family drew the line and had the old man killed.When the sentinel learned of this he left heading to skyrim where he was caught at the border and carted of to Helgen.After seeing the troubles plauging Skyrim he will put all his effort into helpimg the people and improving his skills so he may better help those in need.


Maine skills:block,heavy aromour.

Lesser skills:restoration,one handed.

Gear:heavy dawn gaurd armour,auriels sheild,dawn breaker,amulet of mara.

Factionsemoticonages college,companions,dawngaurd.

Playstyle:you will try to keep enemy atention on you soaking up damage and healing your self or alies if needed.

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