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Ahtars Sister 42 #468722

Back story

It was 4E171. The Great War had just started. The Aldmeri Dominion pillaged many villages, including the one of Ahtar and his family. The elves burned the village to the ground, raped the women and killed all adults. Ahtar and his little sister stayed alive, like the rest of the children. But with all the adults gone, their home wasn't home anymore. Ahtar decided that he and his sister should seek refuge in Cyrodiil. During their travel, the brother and sister became even closer.
After a month, they finally reached Skingrad, where an old lady took them in and gave them a new home. But as the years passed, Ahtar became more and more angry about the fact his father couldn't protect them, and wanted to train to become the best warrior. However, the Fighters Guild didn't want to take him in, so he decided to join the Imperial Legion, and he left his home in Skingrad.
Ahtars sister was devastated about his leave, but knew she couldn't go with him. She was no fighter, and the road was too dangerous. To give her some distraction, the old lady taught the sister everything she knew about cooking, crafting potions and selling them. She was a quick learner, and wanted to search for ingredients herself. She taught herself a bit of conjuration for protection and restoration for recovering from the wound of the animal attacks, and she explored the lands around Skingrad.
A year after Ahtar left, the old lady died. She was highly respected in the city, and the whole town came to her funeral. Afterwards the Count and Countess came for dinner at her house. Knowing everything about plants, she wanted to impress with her cooking. But something went wrong, and she ended up poisoning the Count and Countess. She fled, and desperately, she decided to travel to Solitude in Skyrim to find her brother, where he was stationed with the Legion. But word travels fast, and she was caught on the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim for her poisoning.

Play style

After escaping Helgen, she will change her face so she won't be recognized ever again for that accident. Then, she will travel to Solitude to reunite with her brother. She notices he is just a jailor, not the warrior he always wanted to be. So she convinces him to join her on the adventures, and she supports him in every way. She will use the following skills for that:
  • Alchemy: Of course, the skill of brewing potions will be used. She will make potions which enhance and restore health, stamina, two handed, block and heavy armor, and give them to her brother. Potions of fortify restoration, conjuration, speech and barter will stay in her own inventory. The ingredients in Skyrim are different than the ones in Cyrodiil, but that won't stop her from learning and honoring the old lady after her death.
  • Restoration: Although she only knows a basic healing spell, she sees the potential of this school of magic. Next to potions, she will use this to keep herself and her brother alive. She will learn only the healing spells, as she won't harm anyone directly. So spells like poison rune and sun fire won't be used by her.
  • Conjuration: A true warrior fights one on one. So when her brother is outnumbered, she will summon creatures to aid Ahtar in battle.
  • Speech: After years of selling potions in Skingrad, she is very skillful in trading. In Skyrim, she will sell her potions and poisons to give her brother the best armor and battleaxe available. She want to become the best merchant, outclassing man, mer and even daedra. The Black Market power is therefore a must!

    Ahtars sister will join the Mages College to learn about Restoration magic. She will join with her brother the Companions and the Dawnguard. Together, they will also try to stop Alduin, but in the end, the sister will fight with the heroes of Sovngarde, because her brother can't go there. Also Miraak has to be fought alone for the same reason. She will use the help of daedra and atronachs to defeat them. Although wishing her brother could get all the glory, she knows she is the only one who is able to defeat them.

    Make sure Ahtar gives you the mission to clear out Broken Oar Grotto. Otherwise, you can't get him as a follower!

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