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Umbra 60 #469056


Race: Imperial Vampire
Gender: Female
Alignment: Darkness (Dark Brotherhood, Volkihar Vampires, Thieves Guild)
Class: Spellsword




Armor Set: Ebony Mail, Boots, and Gauntlets with the Worn Shrouded Hood
Extra Apparel: Nightweaver's Band, Silver Jeweled Necklace (Fortify Destruction and Illusion)
Weapons: Ebony Sword (Silent Moons and Absorb Health), Nightingale Blade


Destruction: Vampiric Drain, Wall of Frost, Icy Spear, Frost Cloak, Ice Storm, Frost Rune, Freeze, Frostbite
Illusion: Frenzy, Muffle, Fear, Mayhem, Invisibility, Hysteria
Shouts: Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Disarm, Dismay, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death


Powers: Embrace of Shadows, Nightingale Strife, Root of Power, Secret of Strength, Mora's Boon
Active Effects: Seeker of Sorcery, Ethereal Spirit, Agent of Mara, Lover's Insight, Agent of Dibella, Vampire Abilities
Standing Stone: Mage stone => Shadow Stone => Lord Stone


Snow Cloak

Requires: Frost Cloak, Become Ethereal, Ethereal Spirit
Summary: Heal while encased in a torrent of ice
Process: Dual cast Frost Cloak, Shout Become Ethereal


Requires: Nightingale Strife, Drain Vitality, Vampiric Drain, Nightingale Blade
Summary: Suck the life force out of an opponent, leaving a husk while you are restored to full ability
Process: Use Nightingale Strife and Shout Drain Vitality, then finish it with Vampiric Drain and the Nightingale Blade


Requires: Muffle, Quiet Casting, Invisibility, Shadow Warrior, Root of Power, Fear
Summary: Sneak through your enemies, unseen as you sow chaos and eliminate them one at a time
Process: Sneak into a large group of enemies, muffled and invisible. For each enemy you assassinate, cast Fear on another, then use Invisibility and Shadow Warrior to disappear before targeting a new foe. If you don't have spell cost reduction gear, use Root of Power to save Magicka



You woke adrift in the Sea of Ghosts, floating on what you assumed was a piece of wreckage. Splintered and jagged, the small section must've once been part of a ship's bow, and it bore the logo of the East Empire Trading Company. Slowly you made your way southwest, paddling while using the stars as a guide. As the sun came out every new day, it seemed to unnaturally sap your strength, and you feared that soon you would die of thirst. However, just after you collapsed of exhaustion, a shadow fell over the sea. Masser, one of Nirn's moons, had eclipsed the sun. It re-energized you, and soon Solitude's unmistakable arch came into view. And further in the distance, a massive, dark castle loomed over the water. Making a mental note to check it out later, you paddled to the docks, stepping foot on land. Naming yourself Umbra in respect to the eclipse that saved you, you set out to discover more about your past and find a new place in life.


Dark Brotherhood Initiate - Dark Brotherhood
Jenessa - Mercenary
Serana - Volkihar Vampires

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