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Umbra 60 #469056

You are replying to comment #33 | I'd rather not
:) :D ;) :O <:D :S :} :p #:| :'( :( <3) <3 0:) :* (y) (n) >:) :# +:( :/ :| :@ 8) 8p :$ <:( :< :> :ew :M 8B ;}

new hidden perk I found in this build , flashing the titties cause double weapon damage to enemies also stuns opposite gender until slap them in face x second emoticon, btw I 'd suggest lover stone for hybrid chars or thief stone may be better for this sneaky build but its your choice of course..

By clawshaper on Dec 10, 2017
#6748 Reply
An interesting comment to be sure, but I appreciate the advice emoticon

By LifeSmith on Dec 10, 2017
#6749 Reply
Sorry I haven't made a new build in a while, but I just got Skyrim SE for PC and I might start making videos of my builds for all you guys! This was my first Special Edition character, I hope you like her!

By LifeSmith on Dec 2, 2017
#6741 Reply
Regardless this is one of the better builds around here. Good job.

By CurseNeverDying on Dec 9, 2017
#6744 Reply