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Daedric Cultist 38 #469253



This build focuses on Alteration, Vampirism, and Block.

You should be mainly blocking hits, staggering enemies with that block, and most importantly... Using Daedric artifacts. You should always be using mage armor, because your only item with a defence value will be your shield. You need to raise your enchanting to get more use out of the souls, and also you need to recharge your artifacts.


You grew up in Skyrim, in Markarth, the city of Silver and Blood. You feel a strange hunger inside of you... For both the blood and the flesh of humans. But this taste for your own kind will not be sated, not yet, anyway. Your life is peaceful and your family is quite well off... Until your sister "Mysteriously Passes" and you get your first taste. Orgasmic, is it? A lady in a cloak beckons you down to the crypts, and deeper you go, until the scent of fresh, raw meat fills your nostrils. It is human flesh. From there you happily partake in your meal, and Namira grants you her ring. Since then you have come to worship NEARLY every Daedra... And when you become a vampire... Your thirst is greatened. Friends, it is time to hunt.

For this build, you are NOT allowed to use any armour with a defence value. Certain jewelry that does have a defence value is allowed.


The Goal is to collect EVERY Daedric artifact, but you do not worship Hircine, as your soul rests with Namira and Molag Bal, not with the hunt. You don't need to get Hircine's artifacts, if you do, sell them.

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