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Shipwrecked Swashbuckler 70 #469514

The Shipwrecked Swashbuckler

Race: Argonian
Gender: Male
Alignment: Gold (Miners, Thieves Guild, Self)
Class: Light Warrior




Armor Set: Fur Shoes and Armor,
Extra Apparel: Hat, Amulet of Articulation
Weapons: Scimitar, Pickaxe


Aleration: Transmute, Telekinesis, Ironflesh, Magelight
Illusion: Clairvoyance, Calm


Powers: Histskin, North Wind, Secret of Strength,
Active Effects: Waterbreathing, Seeker of Shadows, Lover's Insight, Sailor's Repose
Standing Stone: Thief Stone => Shadow Stone => Lady Stone



Restless as a youth and always a rebel, you jumped at the first chance to escape Lilmoth. Even if the chance is a bunch of drunk Nord pirates raiding the coast. You begged them to take you away, but the most coherent answer was a no. However, when the Vikings (as the called themselves) couldn't open a chest, you picked the lock in exchange for an adventure aboard the ship. Learning all you could, you achieved mastery in Pickpocketing, and many a Viking dueled you for their stolen and re-stolen goods. Your abilities increased until the captain, drunk, steered the ship into the ice floes and crashed, killing the crew. Your swimming took you to Dawnstar, where you worked in the mine to raise money. When a miner from Whiterun showed up with the rumor of a spell to change iron to gold, you put your ale and pickaxe aside to study. Learning to be an expert of Alteration magic at the College of Winterhold, you set out to become the richest Argonian alive and buy your own ship. As life progressed however, many thieves and rivals sent thugs to extort your extensive wealth. Returning to the College, you studied the art of Calming your opponents, now prepared to acclimate more money than the Empire itself.

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