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The Archer Of Dragonic 77 #469631

The Archer Of Dragonic is a dragon bone archer that uses dragon bone bow and dragon bone arrows and a full suit of dragon scale Armour.

every single set of Armour that can be enchanted with Fortify archery must be enchanted with that and the last one with anything you want except your head is with water breathing and fortify archery.

now your bow is gonna have the chaos enchantment and absorb health enchantment too. Now to make sure you have the enchantment you will have soul gems and a dragon bone sword with soul steal and any other enchantment just for the power bow.

Your shouts will be Summon Durnehviir, call dragon, call of valor and any others you want

Followers does not matter you choose what you want or if you even want one.

Your guild will be dark brother hood. now if you want any other guild its your choice

You can join any side of the war if you want. like a warrior for hire.

And then you can do anything else you want

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