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The Chosen 50 #469701


Race: Dunmer or Redguard
Gender: Male or Female
Alignment: Daedra
Class: Brute Knight




Armor Set: Double-Enchanted Daedric Armor
Extra Apparel: Enchanted Ring and Necklace
Weapons: Bound Battleaxe


Conjuration: Summon Atronachs and Atronach Thralls, Summon Dremora Lord
Shouts: Battle Fury, Bend Will, Dismay, Drain Vitality, Elemental Fury, Fire Breath


Powers: Sun Flare, Secret of Strength, Mora's Grasp, Secret Servant, Ancestor's Wrath
Active Effects: Dragonborn Flame, Seeker of Sorcery, The Fire Within
Standing Stone: Warrior Stone => Lord Stone => Atronach Stone


Oblivion's Guards

Requires: Twin Souls, Summon Dremora Lord, Battle Fury, any Warrior Follower
Summary: Bring forth soldiers of Oblivion to slay your foes, as they charge into battle with lightning reflexes
Process: Summon two Dremora Lords, then Shout Battle Fury to increase their attack speed

Axe of Change

Requires: Bound Axe, Elemental Fury, Secret of Strength
Summary: Use the strength of Dagon himself to strike at an opponent with speed and power,
at nearly no effort

Process: Ready your Bound Axe, then use Secret of Strength and shout Elemental Fury

Deadland Flame

Requires: The Fire Within, Ancestor's Wrath, Dragonborn Flame, Sun Flare, Fire Breath
Summary: Wield the flames of the Deadlands like no other mortal, striking out with unholy fire
Process: Use Sun Flare, then shout Fire Breath, and use Ancestor's Wrath



Few know your past, but now they tremble at your name. The Daedric Lord of change, Mehrunes Dagon, needed a mortal from Nirn to extend his will. Imbued with the powers of a Dremora, you set out to conquer the mortal races, and nothing will stop you.


Any Two-Handed Warrior

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