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Stormcloak Archer 49 #469823


You have been a hunter in Cyrodiil for much of your life. You didn’t know of the civil war happening until news of it came to your town. You made an oath to protect your home town from the civil war. So you went to Skyrim to join the stormcloaks to protect a god you believe in. But it was as soon as you were across the border that you were ambushed by the thalmor. Along the road to Helgen it was then that Ulfric was captured along with other stormcloaks. As you near Helgen this is were your story begins........


Beginning of game
Head— scaled helmet
Torso— scaled armor
Feet— scaled boots
Hands— scaled bracers
Bow— long bow
Arrows— iron

Head— glass helmet
Torso— glass armor
Feet— glass boots
Hands— glass gautlets
Bow— glass
Arrows— glass

Head— dragon scale helmet
Torso— dragon scale armor
Feet— dragon scale boots
Hands— dragon scale gauntlets
Bow— dragon bone
Arrows— dragon bone

Dawnguard is needed

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