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The Thirsty Warrior 50 #469825

As a vampire lord you have some things that you can do and can't do because of it. So you can't do the Dawn Guard side you have to do the vampire side. And you also can't do the companions because of Lycanthrope. Your weapon is the ebony blade. Now you can get this item early. Now you can look it up. Your armor will be any set of heavy until Deadric the strongest Armor in the game. The reason your weapon is the ebony blade is because of the ability. Gain your health back every swing forever. it will last until you die and in rarely never happens. If you wanna exploit strength of two handed I have a very good exploit. It requires you to grab the ebony blade and i did mine in the blue palace because of the essential people but just keep on knocking them down until you are done leveling. once done run out and if you have enough and don't have any stolen goods just pay your fine. so you can keep your levels. and yeah you can do what ever the hell you want

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