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The Desert Rider 50 #469848

The Desert Rider

Race: Redguard
Gender: Male
Occupation: Runaway Alik'r Mercenary
Class: Horseman




Armor: Steel Plate
Extra Apparel: Redguard Hood, Targe of the Blooded, Shield of Ysgramor
Weapons: Windshear, Enhanced Crossbow


Shouts: Animal Allegiance, Call Dragon, Cyclone, Disarm, Elemental Fury, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint


Powers: Bones of the Earth, Secret of Strength, Bardic Knowledge, Adrenaline Rush
Active Effects: Dragonborn Force, Seeker of Might, Force Without Effort
Standing Stone: Warrior Stone => Steed Stone => Lord Stone



Requires: Great Critical Charge, Shield Charge, Whirlwind Sprint, Adrenaline Rush
Summary: Rush into combat and knock aside enemies before slashing at them, then disappear in a blur
Process: Shield Charge at a group of opponents, then Great Critical Charge into an enemy or two before escaping with Whirlwind Sprint

Rider's Fury

Requires: Bardic Knowledge, Elemental Fury, Secret of Strength, Bones of the Earth
Summary: Attack with incredible speed and efficiency,
effortlessly striking down enemies while taking nearly no damage yourself

Process: Use Bones of the Earth, then Secret of Strength and Bardic Knowedge (for followers), shout Elemental Fury and rain blow after blow on nearby foes


Requires: Force Without Effort, Dragonborn Force, Windshear, Enhanced Crossbow, Unrelenting Force, Cyclone, PowerShot
Summary: Stagger your foes and keep them unbalanced while freely running around them
Process: Use Cyclone to disrupt enemies then keep them down with the Enhanced Crossbow, attack with Windshear



Born in Hammerfell to a royal family, you were never interested in people. The only real joy in life was riding horses across the sand dunes. You loved the thrill of moving fast, and most of your childhood was spent moving as quick as possible. One day however, a few local boys, sick of you "girlish" love of horses, ambushed you outside the stables. The bullies towered over you, but spending time with stallions had taught you anything, it was to move fast and bring down opponents quickly. Running around them in a rush of adrenaline, you targeted weak points, bringing the massive youths to their knees. You stole your favorite steed and rode north, across the Alik'r Desert, through Cyrodiil, and all the way to Skyrim. On arriving at the border, a local pointed you to Darkwater Crossing, where you decided to camp for the night. But you walked in to a Civil War skirmish and were captured by the Imperials along with a thief who tried to steal your beloved horse.


Ria ~ Companion


This build requires a horse, and heavily depends on quick movement. Abilities like Shield Charge and Great Critical Charge keep you moving while enemies are staggered. The Enhanced Crossbow can deal damage from a distance and usually scatter groups. Whirlwind Sprint can get you in and out of combat quickly, while more destructive shouts are used to fling enemies off their feet. Windshear can stagger opponents on every strike, along with Shield Bashes to keep foes off balance. The key is being quick on your feet while enemies are knocked off theirs.

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