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The Librarian 55 #470013

The Librarian

Race: Breton
Gender: Female
Occupation: Scholar
Class: Mage




Armor: Arch-Mage's Robes, Morokei, Dragonscale Armor with Temple Priest hood
Extra Apparel: Amulet of Articulation, Mage's Circlet, Diadem of the Savant
Weapons: Dragon Priest Dagger, Elven Bow


Destruction: Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Storm, Whirlwind Cloak
Alteration: Paralyze, Dragonhide, Ebonyflesh
Conjuration: Dead Thrall, Dread Zombie
Restoration: Close Wounds, Greater Ward
Shouts: Become Ethereal, Call Dragon, Call of Valor, Dragon Aspect, Frost Breath, Storm Call


Powers: Root of Power, Secret of Arcana, Dragonskin, Water of Life
Active Effects: Seeker of Sorcery, Dragonborn Frost, Scholar's Insight, Ethereal Spirit, Agent of Dibella, Agent of Mara, Sailor's Repose, Dragon Infusion
Standing Stone: Mage Stone => Lord Stone => Atronach Stone


Storm of Ages

Requires: Secret of Arcana, Whirlwind Cloak, Storm Call, Lightning Storm
Summary: Summon forth a powerful tempest to bombard opponents with lightning and sweep them away
Process: Use Secret of Arcana, Shout Storm Call, Dual Cast Whirlwind Cloak, Cast Lightning Storm

Scholar's Cure

Requires: Close Wounds, Water of Life, Sailor's Repose, Become Ethereal, Ethereal Spirit, Dead Thrall
Summary: Use a trick used by the order of librarians to recover health quickly before retreating to the haven of Aetherius and bringing back an ally
Process: Cast Close Wounds or use Water of Life for followers, Shout Become Ethereal and escape to a distance, Cast Dead Thrall


Requires: Dragonskin, Dragonhide, Dragon Aspect, Dragon Infusion, Dragonscale Armor and Temple Priest Hood
Summary: With the soul of a dragon, you can become as powerful as the great creatures to easily slay any enemy
Process: Equip your Dragonscale Armor and Temple Priest Hood, then use Dragonskin and Dragonhide, Shout Dragon Aspect



Bretons have an exceptional understanding of magic, but being a Dragonborn definitely helps. You were always extremely talented in all schools, especially when it came to learning new Dragon Shouts. Soon your parents decided to send you to Skyrim to learn from the Greybeards, who realized your dragon soul. After mastering most shouts you didn't hesitate moving on to the College of Winterhold, where you discovered your love of books. Your path became obvious: to collect every book in Tamriel. You decided to start with the infamous Black Books of Power, and became friends with Hermaeus Mora, the only being to share your thirst for knowledge. He deemed you guardian of is books and offered to aid your quest to learn more than anyone else in Nirn.


Lydia ~ Housecarl


This build is painful in early levels but as you earn perks it becomes easier. Dual cast whatever you can, and use powers like Secret of Arcana to save magicka. Use light armor to stay mobile while equipment like hoods and robes further reduce spell costs. The strangest part of this build though is that you collect every book you find.

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